Tuesday, November 24, 2009

dena & co.

You might remember the lovely Dena from her maternity session a few months ago. We had actually scheduled Baby Bennet's newborn session around that time. And then we waited. And waited. And poor Dena went way past her due date. So we had to tweak our newborn session date. And the day after said session, Bennet decided he was ready to make his debut. And even though he was a little late to the party, he at least gave mama only two hour of labor. Bennet and his new family came out to see me yesterday, and we had a great session. Big Sister Lydia posed for us at the beginning, and then she had a mini-playdate of sorts with my own two children. Bennet was just so sweet and absolutely beautiful. I already see so much of Lydia in him! And for being a successful lawyer and prez of the DAYL, you'd think Dena would be a bit high-strung, on edge . . . something. But she's just so laid back. And the arrival of a second child, who at the moment likes to eat every hour, really hasn't phased her. At all. Jeff was very patient as we worked in his daddy shots, and the whole family couldn't be sweeter. Guys, congrats on the arrival of a perfectly precious little boy. It was such an honor, and enjoy your sneak!

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