Wednesday, August 5, 2009

dena & co.

25 lawyers standing on the steps of a historic mansion are approached by a photographer . . .
No, that's not the beginning of some corny lawyer joke, but exactly how I spent last Tuesday evening. Dena contacted me for a group shot of the esteemed Dallas Association of Young Lawyers. She is the group's prez, and they meet monthly in a beyond gorgeous mansion in downtown Dallas (the Belo Mansion). It was a surprise treat for me, because three of the 20-something people there were past clients! The association was founded in the 1920's and is the "only bar organization in Dallas dedicated exclusively to the needs of young lawyers and the community service projects about which young lawyers feel most passionately." In a nutshell (for those of you taking notes at home), if I had a specific cause in mind, I would approach Dena and she would put me in contact with the appropriate committee to help serve the cause. The group I met last night was fun, dynamic, energetic and clearly so successful in making the lives of so many so much better. It was an honor taking their annual photograph, even in the triple digit temps. Dena, thanks so much for thinking of me, and keep up the great work your organization is clearly doing!

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