Saturday, August 29, 2009

jaime & co.

This past spring, I donated a session to the Juvenille Diabetes Reserach Foundation Dream Gala auction. A worthwhile cause, indeed, and I was very excited to meet the generous family who bought the package. Jaime and I exchanged emails and finally settled on a session in August. She and Trey came out to see me yesterday, and they brought with them their beautiful little girl, Kaitlyn. In our email exchanges, Jaime described her daughter as "3 1/2 and full of energy." Miss Kaitlyn is one of those "older beyond her years" types. And, at times, I felt like I was interacting with an 8 year old, and not someone just shy of 4. Kaitlyn was fearless, inquisitive and really did mind so well when it came to posing . . . of course, an invisible mouse and some magical chocolate rocks can pretty much get a girl to do anything. Two words come to mind when describing this family: Gorg. Eous. Jaime had these beautiful long, brown locks that looked like something out of a Botticelli painting. Trey, God bless him, went straight to work for me, dragging chairs, picket fences, the whole nine yards. And little Miss Sass lasted long enough for us to do a few shots indoors. Jaime, you have a beautiful family. It was so much fun meeting you guys, and I really enjoyed working with you. Thank you so much for donating to the cause, and thanks for coming out to see me! Enjoy your sneaky!

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