Sunday, August 16, 2009

allison & co.

Sunday morning I met Allison and her oh-so-lovely family for some pictures. This family of five drove for an hour just to play with me, and what fun I had! Allison is Michelle's sister-in-law, and I definitely saw some similarities in the cousins (the to-die-for red hair, for one thing!). Avery (the red head), Gabby (the blonde) and little Brody were as sweet as they were different! Avery is 8 and just Miss Sass. I was in LOVE with her Anne of Green Gables looks, and she is one very bright child. Miss Gabby was such a sweetie. Behind the lens, I couldn't help smiling as I saw her just naturally snuggling up to baby Brody during pictures. And she was game for anything; especially the crazy vintage hats I brought out during the shoot. Brody, however, not a fan of the hats. In fact, he literally picked each one up and walked 1/4 mile away to try and throw them in the creek. I kid you not. Luckily the hats did not make it in the creek, and believe me when I say this child is All Boy. Which made for some very funny moments during the session. The kids loved the rock bridge, the climbing tree, and Brody loved chasing butterflies. I think Cody loved the fact that he was only in a few pictures and we finished in less than hour! Seriously, though, this family was so much fun and truly picture perfect (even though the girls were up the night before at a sleep over!). Allison, it was such an honor working with you and the crew. Thanks for coming out to see me, and enjoy your sneak!

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