Tuesday, June 30, 2009

terri & co.

This morning I was visited by three of the most beautiful little faces. Terri is my bestie's sister, and I had the pleasure of shooting her maternity pictures in Houston last fall. It was an honor then; and it was an honor today when she brought her three little ones out to see me. Truly. She lives in Houston, yet she wanted me to capture her babies at this moment. For the record, Terri makes some pretty girls. So it was no surprise that she'd make a pretty boy. I mean, really, really pretty. And such a sweetie. Even though it was Hayes' nap time, he still managed to give me some sweet smiles. He's 5 months, almost sitting up and clearly adored by the women in his life. Sophie and Mia, as expected, were Supermodels. Sophie, whom I have known since she was Hayes' age (for crying out loud!) looked a little too grown-up for my liking (check out her killer Vogue look below) in some of her shots. And Miss Mia was beyond precious. During our individual shots, she wanted to pretend she was sitting outside during a "stormy night"; see her Stormy Night pose below. And lest you think these two lovelies didn't give me smiles, dear reader, fear not. Their Sisters Smiles will melt your heart. The shoot ended with an impromptu talent show, put on by the girls and my own two babies, and was a wonderful way to end a wonderful session. Terri and Jenny, thanks so much for coming out to see me. You have no idea how much it means to me, and you have no idea how gorgeous your babies are (sweet Palmer included, even though he was MIA). Enjoy your sneak!

Monday, June 29, 2009

little giants

A local tee ball team, near and dear to my heart, made it all the way to the Nationals this month. While the World Series title is a dream for next season, the Giants did finish 2nd in the league, and truly were the Boys of Summer. I've watched this team grow together the last two years. It's remarkable to think that two years ago some of them could barely hit off the tee. And this year they were literally knocking the ball out of the park. I've also played Team Photographer for these boys, and boy do some of them know how to work the camera. If anyone out there is interested in having me come out to cover their Sports Teams, give me a ring. I've done it a few times for other teams, and it's just too much fun. Here are a few shots from our final game of the year. Congrats, Giants, on an outstanding season! See you next spring!

Friday, June 19, 2009

jessica & co.

Yesterday I had the incredibly entertaining honor of photographing the lovely Jessica for her bridal portraits, and the Dallas Arboretum served as a beautiful backdrop for this beautiful bride-to-be. Even though we started a bit late, and then even later because of a forgotten bouquet, the session really could not have gone any better. And the minor mishaps were just good practice for the Big Day, which is literally a month away from yesterday. Jessica brought along her mother-in-law-to-be, Rita. I think this small gesture speaks volumes about the kind of easy-going, genuinely good girl Jessica is, and I know these two will share many more memorable moments over the years. Rita, thank you for your outstanding assistance yesterday; the petite powerhouse was hurdling fences, holding reflectors and also managed to play hair and make-up assistant to the lovely bride. As the temperatures climbed higher and higher, and we all began to melt faster and faster, Jessica stayed calm, cool and collected. There is not one ounce of Diva in this young lady, and she was game for any idea I threw at her. Jessica, you were absolutely gorgeous, even in 95 degree temps! I know you will make the loveliest of brides. Best of luck to you in this last month, and thank you for allowing me to be a part of this journey! Enjoy your summer off, and your sneaky to the peeky!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

amanda & co.

This afternoon I was visited by Sweet Will and his wonderful mama, Amanda. This was my second time to work with Will, and it was sooooo much fun. The session was for his 3rd birthday (this precious and precocious three year old is scary bright and turned 3 on May 30th). Amanda also brought along Daddy Jeff's shirt and tie for some surprise Father's Day pics. Too cute, and Will had so much fun playing Daddy. I was so impressed by this little boy's manners, obedience, conversation. All of it. And I loved his little skinned knees; such a 3 year old boy! Such a sweetie, and a credit to his mama. The funniest moment was when Will informed me that, "After these pictures, Dennifer, I'm going to Gtown to see my grandparents!" Gtown. We posed, drew Daddy a Father's Day card, sat on tables, stood on chairs, and discussed the greatness that is Noggin. And at the end of the session, little Will said that he wanted to come back again. Soon. Melt. My. Heart. Amanda, thank you so much for coming out to see me and for bringing your little supermodel! He is quite the charmer, such an old soul, and has Future Heartbreaker written all over that gorgeous little face! Hope you enjoyed Gtown, and enjoy your sneak!

Monday, June 15, 2009

amy & co.

My last session of the weekend could not have ended on a sweeter note. Amy (a referral by two fabulous clients {thanks, Jen & Bec} who always seem to send me the sweetest folks) stopped by with 4 month old Drew, and I fell in love. He had the most amazing blue eyes, was so calm, and very content to sit back and soak in all of his surroundings. He was especially fond of a little intellectual conversation and would just coo and smile at me any chance he got. At one point during the session, while giving me some amazing eye contact, he just burst out giggling. It was the funniest (and cutest thing!) ever. Amy brought along Drew's baptismal outfit and shoes which were given to him by his grandmother. She also brought along a baby blue blanket that was made for him by his great-grandmother; a lovely way to include the grandmas in the session, even if they weren't physically there. Amy, it was absolutley wonderful meeting you, and I seriously heart your son. An absolute angel, and it was so fun working with the two of you! Enjoy your sneaky, and thanks for coming out to see me!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

kate & co.

The last time I saw little Jack-a-Roo, he was about three months old. Today I visited him in his beyond beautiful home for some 6 month pics. Before I go on about the cuteness of little Jack, let me just say that Kate and Scott's home is gorgeous. Curb Appeal aside, stepping into their house was like stepping into the glossy pages of an Interior Decorating magazine. A really fancy one. Kate has beyond impeccable taste. Every single room was just fabulous. Seriously, Kate, you need to begin your own business; you can be your own accountant, and I'll be your first client! Anyway, back to adorable Jack . . . even though we were shooting during his nap time, Mr. Man had plenty of smiles for us. He's literally about to crawl any day, and he still loves his mama and daddy so very much. Such a sweet little boy, and it was such an honor to be invited into this lovely family's lovely home. Part of this shoot centered around Daddy's red covertible, which Jack clearly loved "driving" with Daddy. Almost as much as "big brother" Louis. Scott and Kate, it was great seeing you guys again today! Jack was such a good little boy, and your house is the perfect backdrop for your lovely family. Thanks so much, and enjoy your sneak!

hadley & co.

Hadley. Loved the name when she called for a booking. And then she mentioned she only wanted pictures of 21 month old Mary Jane and 4 week old Margeaux. Sigh. And just as their lovely names suggest, these two little girls were beyond precious. Mary Jane is one curious (and fast) little tot! Slow and stop are two words she cares not to bother with. Smile, laugh and giggle, however, seem to be in her Top Five. And even though she was so very busy, she did honor my request for one Kissy to Baby Sissy shot. And Miss Margeaux was just so sweet. Once we laid her down on her soft pink blanket, she was a sleeping angel in no time. Hadley and Travis, thank you so much for introducing me to your adorable daughters. Such sweeties, such cuties, and you could not have been nicer! Enjoy your summer and your sneak!

paige & co.

What do you get when you mix 100+ degree weather with a 7 month prego lady? Well, if the mama-to-be is Paigey B., you get one haute Mama-to-Be. Of the Year! Seriously, Paige was such a trooper. Dripping sweat, and not pregnant, I was ready to pass out from the heat on Saturday evening. And that was within the first 10 minutes. I don't know how she stayed so calm, cool, collected and beautiful while we shot about a million different pics. I guess if you happen to be married to Daddy-to-Be of the Year, it makes it a little easier. In between shots, Justin would fan his glowing wife, wipe her brow . . . it was so sweet! Paige, like April, was my baby sister's roommate in college. And, like April, they became best friends. They've been through the joys and sorrows that life can bring (even at such a young age). Paige's patience Saturday evening leaves me no doubt that she will be a wonderful, doting mama to baby Brady, and I simply can't wait to meet him. Paige and Justin, thank you for allowing me to capture this special moment in your lives; Brady is one lucky little boy. Best of luck to you in the last two months! Enjoy your sneak, and congrats!

Friday, June 12, 2009

april & co.

Long before she became a mommy-to-be to baby Cowen (due this July!), April has been a mommy-of-sorts to my own two babies. When I was preggers with my 2nd child, she would come along to all my appointments and watch my first child in the waiting room. She was my baby sister's college roommate many moons ago and one of her very best friends. Then, a few years ago, she moved across the street from me. And would you believe, dear reader, she became one of my very best friends! 10 years my junior (I sometimes will deny this), April keeps me young. And hip. And she loves my kids. And they love her. I was with her the day she found out that she would be a mama, and it's been so amazing watching her grow into her new role the last 8 months. April is an amazing artist, so it makes sense that we would stray from the traditional maternity session and make it a little artsy-fartsy. And April is a good ol' country girl from little Seguin, so it makes sense that we'd shoot most of the session on a gorgeous country meadow, complete with hay bales and cows. And ever the doting mama, April insisted on including her first two children, Gunnar and Gracie, in the shoot. While we did get a cute kissing belly shot, I loved the one of them sitting and waiting for their baby brother. April, I can't wait for Cowen's arrival. Enjoy your sneak, and LYLAS!