Sunday, June 14, 2009

kate & co.

The last time I saw little Jack-a-Roo, he was about three months old. Today I visited him in his beyond beautiful home for some 6 month pics. Before I go on about the cuteness of little Jack, let me just say that Kate and Scott's home is gorgeous. Curb Appeal aside, stepping into their house was like stepping into the glossy pages of an Interior Decorating magazine. A really fancy one. Kate has beyond impeccable taste. Every single room was just fabulous. Seriously, Kate, you need to begin your own business; you can be your own accountant, and I'll be your first client! Anyway, back to adorable Jack . . . even though we were shooting during his nap time, Mr. Man had plenty of smiles for us. He's literally about to crawl any day, and he still loves his mama and daddy so very much. Such a sweet little boy, and it was such an honor to be invited into this lovely family's lovely home. Part of this shoot centered around Daddy's red covertible, which Jack clearly loved "driving" with Daddy. Almost as much as "big brother" Louis. Scott and Kate, it was great seeing you guys again today! Jack was such a good little boy, and your house is the perfect backdrop for your lovely family. Thanks so much, and enjoy your sneak!

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  1. LOVE the pics! Yes, her home is gorgeous!!!! If we could all be so lucky!