Tuesday, June 2, 2009

chris & co.

My final session of the Marathon Weekend was with Chris and Chuck. They recently welcomed a beautiful, bouncing baby boy into the world. But as they haven't yet decided what they'll call him (it's a toss up between Charlie and CJ), I'll just call him Sweet Boy. Or Strong Boy. Just a few days shy of two weeks, Sweet Boy was displaying some freakishly amazing Tummy Time skills. I placed him on his tummy for a few poses, and the boy refused to put his head down. Just held it up, looking around, for at least 2 minutes. At 2 weeks. Insane. Chris is a band director for a middle school, and Chuck is a football coach for a high school. I think it's safe to say that Sweet Boy will have the best of both worlds when it comes time to pick extracurricular activities. Chris is from Illinois, and Chuck is from Minnesota. As my own parents hail from the Gopher State, and I spent a few years as a resident of the Prairie State, we had lots to bond over during our shoot. But I had to draw the line and side with Coach Chuck when it came time to pick favorite teams: Go, Vikings! You guys, you have such a sweet little Rookie on your hands, and it was so much fun working with all three of you. Congratulations, and enjoy your sneak!

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