Tuesday, October 28, 2008

heather & co.

I first met Heather and her family last spring, when her mother hired me to photograph her older sister's wedding reception. During that same week, I also had the pleasure of working with Heather's two little wee ones, George Downey and Cecilia (a.k.a. CeeCee). Such cherubs. Truly. And don't get me started on their eyes! Heather is originally from Texas, but now resides in Georgia, so it is nothing short of an honor that she has used me twice, now, to document her gorgeous children's smiles and growth. I couldn't believe that Baby Girl (who is 7 months) was now sitting up, on her own, and just about to crawl! Dear Gigi (whom Ceecee is named after) came out again to help, and we managed to capture some very sweet moments between grandma and granddaughter; it was painfully obvious that the two are kindreds. Thanks, Heather, for coming out to see me today. I am counting down the days until our first year portraits/shoot in March. Safe travels!

will & co.

This past Sunday I drove to my hometown to watch my baby brother (see July's entry of Will & Co.) perform his final homecoming musical on the stage of the Civc Center. Will has been under the beyond genius guidance of Adam Hester, whose productions are always top notch. "All Shook Up" was no exception. From the lighting to the set, to the choreography to the blocking; you never would have known you were watching a collegiate level performance. The actors, by the way, were fantastic, and I couldn't help but wonder if any of the faces I was watching that day would some day grace the silver screen. Shea, the wonderfully adorable stage manager, allowed me to stay afterwards and take some production photos. It was beyond an honor. When Adam saw the pics this afternoon, he asked if he could use them on the school's website; an even bigger honor! Here are a few of my favorites, and congrats to Adam and his crew for a performance well done - yet again.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

smitha & co.

A top-secret celebrity (?) wedding could not eclipse the beauty of Smitha and her family! As her doting younger sister pointed out, they looked like a picture perfect magazine family. Noah, the shy and silent type, was so sweet and cooperative, and little Miss Julia loved to smile for her aunt (in between sips on the bottle!). Jonathan was such a sport during our artsy shots, and Smitha was such a trooper as she raced around the garden in her heels . . . we were literally threatened to leave by 5. In spite of the racing clock, we managed to capture some very sweet moments. Smitha, thank you for the opportunity to work with your gorgeous family, and special thanks to baby sister for shaking those keys and waving that blankie!

Monday, October 20, 2008

kenna & co.

A few months ago, Kenna contacted me about taking some photos of her daughters and her parents. Her parents would be in from out of town (and celebrating some major birthdays during their visit). I wrote back and, on a creative whim, suggested that in addition to traditional portraits, we stage a tea/birthday party, as well. I only had one spot left in October, and it was the 19th. Kenna wrote back to say that the tea party idea was wonderful because her parents were actually in town from ENGLAND, and that they play tea parties with the girls all the time. Oh, and 10/19 would be perfect, as it would be her mother's actual birthday. It just doesn't get any better than that. So we met last night for a very special tea party, with two special little girls and their equally special parents and grandparents. Miss Avery was the perfect little princess as she sat and sipped, and Miss Sloane was able to taste/sneak her first lick of frosting, 3 months shy of her 1st birthday. Ooops! Kenna and Barry could not have been sweeter (or more helpful as they helped me move chairs, stools and table around the field), and it was such an honor to meet Kenna's parents. The gentlest of souls and quite the world travelers. While Australia remains their favorite spot to date, I hope that a little jaunt to Wylie on Nanny's birthday will hold a special place in their hearts, too. Thank you Kenna, for the wonderful evening, and happy birthday to your lovely parents! Quite right. And cheerio for now!

stacy & co.

Stacy contacted me a few months ago to schedule a portrait session with her family. But this wasn't just any session: this would be the first official family portrait taken since Miss Katya joined their family last January. Stacy and Elan adopted this beautiful girl from the Ukraine almost a year ago. When she arrived to the states, Katya spoke no English. Today, she's fluent and makes straight A's, to boot! She plays the doting big sister so well to the adorable Jake and Chloe, and it was such an honor to preserve this special time in this beautiful family's life! Sprinkler disaster and bulldog mishap aside, I had so much fun with this family. Kat was an unbelievable little assistant, posing everyone this way and that. Jake, even in his shorts, was such a cutie and I couldn't get enough of his smile. Miss Chloe is so ready for her debut in Vogue, and Elan was a sport as we posed for almost an hour. Stacy also has her own business making personalzied candy wrappers. She's got some really cute items that would make great shower gifts, teacher's gifts, etc. Check out her cute candy casings at http://www.creativecandywrappers.com/. Thanks, guys, for the fun morning, and enjoy your sneak peek!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

lisa & co.

Last night I met Lisa and her very sweet family (and Auggie) for some portraits. Lisa's husband is one of the coaches on my son's tee ball team, and their son, Zach, is such a fun player to watch! At almost every at-bat, Zach will hit a triple, if not a homerun (we call it the Zach Attack at my house), and almost every time he crosses home plate, he'll slide in the most dramatic fashion. Sister Emily is just as fun. When I asked her who she was going to be for Halloween (and I'll admit, I judged her for a Belle or Ariel from the start), I was completely taken aback with her Spiderman response. Spiderman! As I had anticipated, it was a very easy shoot, with lots of silly moments (Ralston!), and I had so much fun. Thanks, Lisa, for bringing everyone out, and thanks, Sam, for all the hard work you do for our Giants! I hope you enjoyed your pasghetti, and enjoy your sneak peek!

Monday, October 13, 2008

little saints & co.

Last week I had the opportunity to take family portraits for a preschool very near and dear to my heart. I decided to take the families outdoors for some mini-sessions; while some questioned the idea, most really enjoyed it, and I think we captured some wonderful moments. I obviously can't list all of them, but I'll list a handful of my favorites. Thanks to Ms. Charlotte for the wonderful opportunity, and thank you to all the beautiful families who joined me last week. I had so much fun meeting all of you!

tracy anne & co.

One of the things I love about photography, especially as someone who has just branched out into the professional arena, is that you are constantly learning. Last Tuesday, however, I learned a very unexpected life lesson in humility and grace in the form of the Tracy Anne and Mark. The sweetest, gentlest and most patient of people; I could not have been luckier that my lesson was taught by them. Yesterday we met again for Round II of our session, and I once again enjoyed the intellectual conversations with young Gabriel (a genius in the making) and the sweet smiles of Miss Sally who just turned one and is on the verge of walking. I am forever grateful for the opportunity to work with this special family, and my lesson was a bit easier to take because of their patience and understanding. Thank you, Tracy Anne and Mark, for meeting me again yesterday. Enjoy your sneak peek, and kisses to the kiddies!