Wednesday, July 30, 2008

kathleen & co.

Eye am so partial to black and white shots; there is just something about the style that eye can't resist. Eye'm not sure why, but eye think it has something to do with capturing the intimacy of a timeless moment. Again, eye'm not sure. Anyway, as eye was going through the shots from today's amazing session with Kathleen, eye just couldn't bring myself to make the pictures black and white; something about them kept me from doing that. And eye'm not sure what it could have been . . . oh wait . . . now eye remember: holy cow, look at those eyes! All six of them! Could they BE any bluer? Any more beautiful?! Truly, they were breathtaking! And aside from the eyes, this trio was just one great bunch. So calm, so sweet, and baby boy Beckett was an absolute dream. Eye honestly could have taken pictures of him all day. At 8 weeks, this boy had a head of hair most women would die for and eyes that stopped you dead in your tracks. An absolute angel, and a true delight to work with. Thanks, Kathleen, for the honor of working with you and your precious boy, and a special thanks to Sean for taking time during the work week to make some memories (doesn't that have Father of the Year written all over it?)!

Monday, July 28, 2008


Meet William. Will is my 6.5 foot "little" brother. And for as long as I can remember, I've been taking pictures of this guy. In fact, he was my muse when my interest in photography began years and years (and years) ago. And what started out as me playing around with the camera has turned into a working relationship: my brother is now a musical theatre major (and, gasp, soon to be senior), and I've been doing his headshots for several years. I was going through old photos and found, what I thought, was a really neat progression: him at 4, 16, and two from our most recent shoot (at 21) from last week. I'm very proud of Will; he's handsome, talented, one of the funniest and most genuine people you'll ever meet, and an accomplished musician, actor and writer (and if he ever wins an Oscar, I think I should, at the very least, be mentioned in his acceptance speech!). Good luck on your last year in college, Bambushka, and thanks for a fantastic Final Week! I love you most, cg!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

kelly & co.

So, this morning Kelly and her soon-to-be-family-of-four came to see me for a maternity session. At 32 weeks, Kelly looks more like early 2nd trimester preggers, and not almost done with her third . . . which made for some serious challenges in trying to highlight her belly! Seriously. Big Sister Hope was such a trooper during our marathon shoot, and Kelly did a great job of bringing fun props, wardrobe changes and her lovely self. Proud Daddy was a sport and remained very calm, in spite of the golf game he had to rush out to play. Thanks for the fun morning, guys! Kelly, you truly are glowing, and I wish all four of you the best of luck!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

jessica & co.

When I first started this little venture-o-mine in Aprilish, Jessica was one of my first bookings. But we weren't scheduled for a shoot until the 18th. Of July. The Virgo in me (and my Type A personality) was so curious/impressed with this Planner, and I simply couldn't wait to meet her. Well, she (and her entire fantastic family) was well worth the wait. Dear Husband admitted he'd rather be anywhere but in front of the camera, yet he was so easy going and all smiles; truly, such a nice guy! Little Boy Blue . . . well, I'll let the pictures speak for themselves: all boy, so precious and absolutely beautiful. The sweet family brought along their beloved Gigi for a few pictures, and she was a wonderful help, too! Jessica, I had so much with you guys. Thanks to all of you for being so fun and laid-back, and I look forward to working with you again soon! ;)

Friday, July 18, 2008

becca & co.

I sometimes refer to Miss Eva as "the face that launched 1000 shoots". Ok, maybe not a thousand . . . but the shots I took of her in the bluebonnets this past April (that her fabulous & fabulously proud mama, Becca, sent out to friends and family) certainly gave my little biz a jumpstart and a-half and introduced me to some really wonderful families (as did the Joelles, Jessicas and Shanies of the world). So, in an effort to forever remember this lovely tot at the tender age of two (which she just turned on Monday, yet can sing, word for word, "Jesus Loves Me", her ABC's and "The Wheels on the Bus"), Becca brought her out, once more. Aside from being a natural in front of the camera, she was an absolute delight to be around (as was Becca). I always have so much fun with these two; a special thanks to Eva's BFF, Melissa, for the wonderful rendition of "Lollipop"! Thanks, Becca, for bringing your gorgeous girl out to see me, and happy birthday TWO her!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

chris & co.

Before she left the great state of Texas for colder pastures in Minnesota, Chris wanted to document a few of the places she and her daughter came to call their 2nd home. So, on the beautiful grounds of SMU, mother and daughter visited some of their favorite places. It was a very special morning for all 3 of us, and I was honored to be a part of their Farewell to Texas Tour. I wish them nothing but success in Minnesota. Y'all come back and visit, ya hear?

Monday, July 14, 2008

nicole & co.

In June, Nicole invited me to photograph her newborn son's bris. I fell in love with her family, immediate and extended. Aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents: they were all beyond warm and inviting! Recently I met Nicole and her immediate family for an outdoor family shoot. The kids were too cute, and I had so much fun working with everyone again. Thanks, Nicole, and I look forward to watching your family grow!

stephanie & co.

Mr. Coit (future Heisman trophy winner) and his parents recently joined me for a lovely sunset shoot. We had so much fun chasing footballs, bubbles and stealing sugars from mama. Mr. Man was such a charmer, and his eyes were absolutely piercing. Thanks guys for so much fun! I can't wait to look for Coit in Sports Illustrated!

emilie & co.

Two words: fun family. Oh, and beautiful. Emilie invited me over to her hip house to take some pictures of her family. Big sis, otherwise known as Miss Sassypants, was all smiles for the camera, and how the camera loved her! Baby brother, Mr. Angel, was the sweetest little guy and, I think, will follow in Miss Sass' footsteps: just a natural. And Emilie, who obviously has an eye for style, had the guys and girls dressed in coordinating lime green and hot pink shirts. TOO cute! Thanks for a fun evening, guys!

palmer & co.

As a newborn, baby boy Palmer (isn't that the greatest name!??!) had the creamiest skin and bluest eyes. At 5 months, he's aged even better. Palmer and his mama came out for an "almost six-months" photo shoot:, and old blue eyes could not have been an easier subject! Those eyes, that smile! So sweet, so cooperative and I so miss him! Thanks for a fun afternoon, guys, and I can't wait for an "almost one year" shoot!

harman & co.

I met Baby Boy Harman before he was born. His wonderful parents invited me into their lovely home for a beautiful maternity session a few months ago. What an honor it was to be invited back out for baby's big debut. Harman, like his parents, was just a sweetie. The bond between mom and baby was so very evident, and ever-doting daddy made sure both were happy and rested. He even found time to make me a cup of the best coffee I've ever had! Thanks, guys, for such a wonderful experience, and congrats!


Miss April had a destination wedding. Last year. But Miss April never had formal bridal portraits taken. So, what's a lovely girl, on her first anniversary, to do? Why, pose for bridal pics, of course! And I must say, it's a brilliant idea: she got to wear her beautiful dress more than once (how many of us can say that?), she was photographed in her element, and she looked gorgeous. We're talking bridal magazine gorgeous. I'm going to need her to give me some tips on applying eye make-up. April, you were beautiful, and I had so much fun with you. Let's make this an annual tradition!

asher & co.

Sunday ended with a photo session with baby Asher and his family. Little asher is only two weeks old, but he was already showing the signs of a very mature young man! He maintained beyond amazing eye contact, was such a champ in the million different poses I had him in, and he really didn't fuss at all. A true delight. His older sister was my #1 helper and was very proud to tell me that she helps Mommy with the diapers; not sure I know many 4 years olds who can say that! Asher's mama could not have been more calm (or lovely), and proud Daddy was very patient as I snapped away. Thank you to this lovely family for allowing me the honor to preserve this special moment, and congrats!