Wednesday, July 30, 2008

kathleen & co.

Eye am so partial to black and white shots; there is just something about the style that eye can't resist. Eye'm not sure why, but eye think it has something to do with capturing the intimacy of a timeless moment. Again, eye'm not sure. Anyway, as eye was going through the shots from today's amazing session with Kathleen, eye just couldn't bring myself to make the pictures black and white; something about them kept me from doing that. And eye'm not sure what it could have been . . . oh wait . . . now eye remember: holy cow, look at those eyes! All six of them! Could they BE any bluer? Any more beautiful?! Truly, they were breathtaking! And aside from the eyes, this trio was just one great bunch. So calm, so sweet, and baby boy Beckett was an absolute dream. Eye honestly could have taken pictures of him all day. At 8 weeks, this boy had a head of hair most women would die for and eyes that stopped you dead in your tracks. An absolute angel, and a true delight to work with. Thanks, Kathleen, for the honor of working with you and your precious boy, and a special thanks to Sean for taking time during the work week to make some memories (doesn't that have Father of the Year written all over it?)!

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