Monday, May 24, 2010

tammie & co.

I guess if I had to get busted for shooting on the grounds of a church, during church services (where I was a "distraction" ... even though I didn't know services were being held in the room overlooking our session ...), I'd want it to be with Tammie and her crew. This was my first time to work with the fam, but it felt like we were old friends. Which really helped in the Humiliation Factor when I was busted. Chris, Tammie's Zach Braff look alike husband, was Ever the Comedian, entertaining all of us with his one liners and observations. When I found out at the end of the session that he a) works for Homeland Security and b) flies airplanes for fun, I was just a bit impressed. Tammie was absolutely so sweet with her girlies and just the epitome of Laid Back Momminess. And the girls. Well, two year old Eden came to the session sporting hot pink sunglasses and was Little Miss Sass personified. Baby Maren (don't their names just want to make you go shopping at Anthropolgie?!?!) was ever the Sweet Girl, in spite of not having napped prior to the session. When it came to sit in the grass with Eden, she politely refused. But she did love the tufted chair I brought along at the last minute. This session was so fun, so laid back and just the perfect way to end a weekend. Zach, Chris ... and Tammie, thanks for such a fun session. Your girlies are delish, and it was too much fun! Enjoy your sneaky!

tamara & co.

The night before my session with Tamara, I was psyching myself out for the Senior Shoot. She had a son, and we were going to take some rockin' senior photos. It had been awhile since my last senior session, so I was thinking of different poses for him, google-ing the latest hip songs and references so that I'd have something to chat about with the young man, and wondering if he'd become my friend on Facebook. I was completely ready for the shoot, and when I pulled up to meet them, I froze. In her arms, Tamara was holding the cutest boy. Little boy. As in toddler. And they were both dressed in white. I figured they were wanting to get in on a few shots with the senior ... and then through a horribly awkward conversation, I came to find out that they were not my Senior Session . But my family session. Oh what a good laugh we shared over that. Of course, mine was more of a nervous, mortified laugh ... but I digress. Needless to say, my Case of Mistaken Identity did not hamper the session. Whatsoever. Little Caden, who is a Mama's Boy (in the sweetest sense) through and through, was All Boy. Fresh from a slumber party at Gramma and Grampa's the night before, he did not seem to mind the early morning hour at which we met to shoot. Nor did Tamara and Ken (fresh from the Byron Nelson the night before, and off to the Jimmy Buffet concert that night!). I simply love this age: while it's a challenge to get an almost 3 year old to stand still enough to take a picture, it's so much fun watching them go from picking dandelions for mama, chasing butterflies in the grass and playing with their beloved bouncy ball ... all in less than 7 seconds. Tamara and Ken, hope the concert was a blast. Sorry for the confusion that began our session, and enjoy your sneak!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

meredith & co.

Every time I have scheduled a session with Meredith, it rains on the day of the shoot. Now, when the session is indoors anyway, no biggie. But when we had planned to go outside, it kind of throws a kink in the plans. As the date of Miss Lilly's 9 month session neared, the weather man was predicting rain. Lots and lots of rain. And I held my breath. For a long, long time. Having already rescheduled this session once because of previous rain, I was in a panic as to when I'd be able to fit it in again ... But, alas, the rains did not fall. And I was finally able to photograph the little strawberry blonde outside. In the sun. And in the flowers. And it was so much fun. In a little under an hour, Lilly had four outfit changes, several different scenic changes, and in spite of not eating breakfast or taking a nap, was an absolute angel. And oh how she loved to snuggle with The Crazy Lady with the Camera. And I couldn't get enough of it! Toby (but you can call him Troy; I do) was 20 pounds lighter than the last time I saw him. And if he had not been such a help with the reflector, I really would have hated him. Meredith was as lovely as ever, sporting her Jackie O-ish dress, and already planning the Fall Session at the Farm for Lilly's one year portraits. Guys, thanks for the fun. For finally not bringing rain. And for bringing me my Lilly Bean! Enjoy your sneaky!

april & co.

My sweet, sweet Cowen. Nine months, talking up a storm and literally on the verge of walking. Correction: running. I have literally known this baby since the day after he was born. And until we moved away a month ago, I got to see him grow up. Every day. It absolutely astounds me that our next time shooting will be for his one year. And that the absolute perfect baby I photographed in the hospital, sleeping so soundly, can now belly laugh with the best of him. His mama holds a special place in my heart ... and so does he. I know she's dying for the sneak, so I'll save the nostalgic mutterings for his one year. Until then, enjoy your sneak (and so glad Justin got to join us this time!).

Monday, May 17, 2010

christie & co.

Blake Thomas. Blake. Thomas. Has a nice ring to it, doesn't it? Almost a nice Superbowl Ring to it? .... Christie and her hubs, former Greenbay Superbowl Champ, Rod came out to see me. Bringing with them their impossibly beautiful daughter, Layla, and Rookie of the Year, Blake Thomas. This was my second time to work with the fam, and like last time, it was non-stop comedic stand-up routines the entire time. Rod, you see, was just back (literally) from a Charity Event in Houston. With Donald. Driver. I poked fun at him most of the session, while the gorgeous Christie (who looked entirely too perfect to have just had a c-section two weeks prior) tended to her sweet boy and girl. Christie's sis, Lisa, was in from out of state and was a huge help throughout the whole session. And the babies. Sigh. The babies. The beautiful babies who were literally born to pose for my camera. Layla turned 3 in April. She fed Blake. Told Mommy when to burp him. Was just the Little Mama herself. And when it came time to take pictures, she was The Professional and absolutely rocked the camera. As did Baby Blake. While he was definitely not a fan of the naked baby shots, as long as he was being rocked or snuggled, he was a dream. Such a fantastic session, with so many faves; it was impossible to narrow them down to a few for a sneak. Christie, thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of this beautiful moment for your insanely beautiful family. Enjoy your sneak ... and tell Rod to tell Donald I said hi!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

anna & co.

Oh, Mr. Miles. Such a sweet, sweet baby boy. Only 9 days old ... and not the least bit interested in sleeping. At least for me. But oh how he loved to pose! And I'm seriously not kidding. Son to the equally sweet Anna, nephew to the Niki Taylor look-alike, Katie and grandson to the super helpful "Grandiva", Miles brought along quite an entourage. And aside from one very messy blanket debacle (which, I'm not kidding, Grandiva took care of in two seconds), it was such a fun session! While Miles posed and made killer eye contact, the girls and I gabbed. And it really felt like I was hanging out with friends I've known forever. Which would explain why Katie is now my babysitter, Anna (who is a nurse) is now my Medical Advice Consultant, and Grandiva is my Dry Cleaner. And Miles? Well, Miles is just my Zoolander. Girls, So. Much. Fun. Thank you for coming out to see me, for bringing the sweet boy (and all of his hats), and for doing my laundry. Enjoy your sneak (and the sweetie who posed for them!).

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

kelly & co.

At last. At last. This photo session was supposed to happen 6 months ago, when Miss Andie was born. But Alex and Kelly didn't really want "sleepy" poses. And then they decided they wanted pics when she was smiling ... and if she's smiling, it's really best to wait for when she's sitting up. Which brought us to May. And I have to say, it was worth the wait. Andie, as many of you might recall, is often called the Miracle Baby. And, if I'm being completely honest here, we might as well throw Happiest in the title. Such a sweet, beautiful, delicious little ball of smiles and rolls and creamy baby skin. And those cheeks! Heaven help me, this baby was made to be in pictures. Which is a good thing, since Kelly takes so many of them (and which is most likely why Andie was Lil Miss Poser for me). Cuteness quotient aside, it was just so amazing to see this little family of 3 interact. A year ago today, Kelly had no idea if she'd ever get to hold a baby in her arms. And here she is today, with one Mother's Day under her belt, and a lifetime more to celebrate. Guys, it was beyond fun. So many great shots. And such an absolute pleasure. Thanks so much for bringing out her to see me, and enjoy your sneaky!

Monday, May 10, 2010

davis & co.

Sweet baby Sophia. She came to see me when she was a week old. And for a one week old, she was as alert as could be. Which is just how she entered this world, according to proud Mom and Dad. As the story goes, Christine was two weeks past her due date. So one Saturday morning in April, she woke up and poured herself a nice glass of Castor oil. That's right, Castor oil. And for the next 8 or 9 hours, she waited. Davis and Christine were planning on having Sophia at a birthing center near by, but by that afternoon, Sophia had other plans. And so, in their tiny apartment, with the help of their midwife and absolutely no drugs whatsoever (the birth was 100% au natural), Christine and Davis welcomed in to the world Sophia Grace. And upon leaving the world she had known for the last 9 months, and entering the new one that she will live in for the rest of her life, she simply looked around. She didn't cry, she didn't scream, she just observed. And aside from sleepy moments during our sessions, that's pretty much what she did for me, too. Sophia's parents are both musicians (Davis is a violin teacher, and Christine teaches piano), so it's safe to say that their little girl grow up in a home filled with calm (the three of them were so beautifully relaxed that day), love, and music. Davis, thanks so much for organizing the session. Christine, you are insanely strong! And Sophia, it was an honor. Welcome to the world, little one.

dawn & co.

When Dawn called to book this session, I was so excited. Three kids. Two of them older. And she just sounded so sweet on the phone. When the whole gang met me for photos, my hunch that she was sweet was proven tenfold. Suffering through the worst case of seasonal allergies I've ever seen, she still managed to laugh, to be a patient Mommy (who brought along carrots for snacks) and somehow evenly split a mini-SNACK bag of M&M's with the whole family. And even shared one chocolate M&M with me. The kids were. Too. Much. Fun. I had to rummage through my mental Bag-o-Tricks for the older ones, and I must say, I think they were big fans of the Jenn Bieber concert I performed for them. And when the littlest one in your group (who happens to be the biggest ham) asks for a hug at the end of your first photo session (just as Mr. Nathan did), you walk away with a big smile of your own and counting down the days until you get to see them all again (just as I did). Dawn and Tracy, thanks so much for bringing your family out to see me! I had so much fun, and enjoy your sneak! Baby, baby, baby, oh ...