Tuesday, May 4, 2010

missy & co.

She will wed in 25 days. She will move to Washington DC in 40. And my kindred wanted her bridal portraits done in the bluebonnets. To forever remember the vast Texas fields upon which she grew up. Convinced we only had a few moments before the predicted rain would fall, we raced to Bluebonnet Hill. Where, for the past 7 years, I've photographed her with my own babies. As I watched my sister through the lens ... her beautiful dress blowing in the breeze, her golden hair shining in the sun ... my heart broke. Just a bit. Oh sure, I am beyond excited for her. For her future. For her husband. For the adorable nieces and nephews they'll make for me to photograph ... But, in that moment, when the winds were so strong they almost blew the umbrella out of her hands, when the skies were full of white, fluffy clouds and made the most dramatic backdrop, when my sister looked like a heroine straight out of a Jane Austen novel ... I was sad. But lest I start to get all weepy whilst writing, I'll cease with the bittersweet talk and just let the pictures speak for themselves. I will, though, point out that most brides would not be willing to (nevermind insist) traipse through fields in their bridal dress. Weeks before their wedding. Let alone lay in a field of sunny flowers. Nor would they agree to let their sister post the pictures online. Weeks before the wedding. But she did. And I love her. And I will always remember that morning. On Bluebonnet Hill. With my kindred. In the bridal gown I bought for her. And laughing in the wind. Enjoy your sneak, Missy. I love you.


  1. Truly breathtaking! Where were you when I got married 100 years ago??

  2. Melissa, you're stunning! And Jenn, you are amazing.