Sunday, May 16, 2010

anna & co.

Oh, Mr. Miles. Such a sweet, sweet baby boy. Only 9 days old ... and not the least bit interested in sleeping. At least for me. But oh how he loved to pose! And I'm seriously not kidding. Son to the equally sweet Anna, nephew to the Niki Taylor look-alike, Katie and grandson to the super helpful "Grandiva", Miles brought along quite an entourage. And aside from one very messy blanket debacle (which, I'm not kidding, Grandiva took care of in two seconds), it was such a fun session! While Miles posed and made killer eye contact, the girls and I gabbed. And it really felt like I was hanging out with friends I've known forever. Which would explain why Katie is now my babysitter, Anna (who is a nurse) is now my Medical Advice Consultant, and Grandiva is my Dry Cleaner. And Miles? Well, Miles is just my Zoolander. Girls, So. Much. Fun. Thank you for coming out to see me, for bringing the sweet boy (and all of his hats), and for doing my laundry. Enjoy your sneak (and the sweetie who posed for them!).

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