Thursday, May 20, 2010

april & co.

My sweet, sweet Cowen. Nine months, talking up a storm and literally on the verge of walking. Correction: running. I have literally known this baby since the day after he was born. And until we moved away a month ago, I got to see him grow up. Every day. It absolutely astounds me that our next time shooting will be for his one year. And that the absolute perfect baby I photographed in the hospital, sleeping so soundly, can now belly laugh with the best of him. His mama holds a special place in my heart ... and so does he. I know she's dying for the sneak, so I'll save the nostalgic mutterings for his one year. Until then, enjoy your sneak (and so glad Justin got to join us this time!).

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  1. LOVE the pictures Jenn! What a beautiful family.