Tuesday, May 4, 2010

jessica & co.

I arrived for my session at the Arboretum with Jessica at 8:45. I was approached by a lovely young lass, asking me if I was waiting for Tatum, at 8:50. I told the young lass no at 8:51. And then I waited for Jessica. I watched as others joined the lass' group: a lovely blonde and her adorable hubs and baby. And I still waited for Jessica. 9 o'clock came and went. Still no Jessica. And I noticed that Tatum's photographer hadn't shown up either. I wondered if maybe there was some sort of traffic delay outside the grounds of the Arb that was preventing Jessica and Tatum's photographer to arrive ... And then I decided to call Jessica at 9:05. At that same moment, the leggy blonde in Tatum's group received a phone call. "I'm sure her photographer is calling her to tell her she's running late", I thought to myself. Jessica answered the phone after one ring. She literally sounded like she was standing right next to me. And that's when I realized that she was. And that the leggy blonde who joined Tatum's group was Jessica. And that's when Jessica told me that Tatum was her daughter. The adorable baby in stroller, for whom Jessica requested I bring my vintage pram and angel wings. With that awkward introduction out of the way, Jessica's clan and I headed inside the gardens and proceeded to have so. Much. Fun. Joining Jessica and Tatum were (in no particular order): Dylan (Tatum's daddy), the Vickster (Jessica's sis and mom to:) brothers Tyler and Tross (whom you can call Tom, thank you very much) and Diane (but you can call her Princess D). As most of you stalkers know, I come from a large family. And I simply adore these types of sessions. Cousins, sisters, aunties, uncles ... the dynamics, the moments, the fun that is made during my time with them always makes me homesick, and Jess' session was no different. I'll be seeing the darling Tatum in a few more months for her one year session, and I am absolutely looking forward to it. Until then, enjoy your sneak, guys. And thanks for all the fun!


  1. You are AWESOME! These are great...I can not WAIT to see the rest. Thanks so much for making our shoot so fun! I am even more excited now about Tatum's 1 year pics!!!


  2. aaron and familyMay 17, 2010 at 2:57 PM

    wow!!! i cant believe how long its been. time just seems to keep flying