Monday, March 30, 2009

heather & co.

When Heather contacted me a month or so ago, we were originally thinking Family Photo Session in the Bluebonnets. Alas, Mother Nature didn't cooperate this year with abundant rain, so the bluebonnets are few and far between. But Heather did remember another beautiful blooming bud this time of year: the azalea! She could not have picked a more picturesque spot to showcase her family amidst the blooms. And she could not have brought a lovelier family to showcase the flowers! Sister Claire was the epitome of ladylike sweetness, and she has a future as one of Dallas' top floral designers. Seriously, you should have seen the gorgeous bouquet she created by the end of our session! And little Spencer was the eptiome of all things boy: spirited, curious, independent. And he was such a trooper, even though he skinned his knee and toe (pretty badly, if you ask me) within the first three minutes of the shoot! Everett has the most amazing Crazy Laugh you've ever heard . . . that not only got his kids laughing out loud, but every other person in the park! Myself included. Heather, you have a beautiful family, and it was an honor working with you guys. Thank you for being so flexible with the time change, and I hope those kiddos enjoyed their dinner! They worked up quite an appetite! Enjoy your sneak and thanks again!

ashley & co.

A few months ago, Lindsey & Co. (along with a few other brilliant ladies) bought Ashley and Matt a newborn session as a baby shower gift . . . which is pure genius, by the way. I mean, are you really going to treasure that Diaper Genie years from now? I didn't think so. Matt and Ashley could not have been sweeter. And Ashley could not have been more drop-dead gorgeous two weeks post-partum. Oh, and don't get me started on precious little Roman. Such a calm little baby, and so easy to work with! Ashley is an interior designer, so little Roman's room was something out of a magazine spread. Proud Daddy is a pilot, so Roman's nursery is a little boy's dream: full of airplanes, maps . . . he could get lost in there for hours, but still make it home in time for dinner. I can't post without mentioning Captain: Matt and Ashley's first baby boy. Such a sweet little doggie, and every time Roman cried, Captain would run over to soothe the baby by licking his feet or ear (see below for proof)! Such a good big brother. Ashley and Matt, congratulations to the both of you. He is pure perfection, and it was so much fun working with the four of you! Enjoy your sneak peek, and I hope the deck and fence didn't turn out too red!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

jonathan & co.

Last June, Lisa asked me to come over to her parents' house to take a huge family portrait of all her sibs, nephews, parents . . . everyone. There I met all of her extended family, and I was smitten. So nice, so sweet . . . reminded me of my own (huge) family back home! One of the siblings there was Jonathan. Who happened to be in from New York with his lovely wife Pam, and their son Zachary. A very sweet threesome, indeed; so imagine my absolute delight when Jonathan contacted me last month for a session of their own. They would be in from New York for the week and wanted to come out to the studio for some family shots. New York. They could have gone anywhere. But the fact that they wanted to come back to little old me, in Texas, means more than they'll ever know. When Zachary stepped out of the car, I couldn't believe his curls! They were not as prevalent last time. But those gorgeous eyes (framed by those to-die-for-lashes) hadn't changed a bit! Zachary got to hear my infamous Palblo impersonation (our favorite Backyardigan, mind you), watch three adults try to blow bubbles with the oldest gum ever, and got to play Crash the Blocks with me. So. Much. Fun. Jonathan and Pam, truly, thank you so much for the unbelievable honor of letting me work with your family again. Have fun in Hawaii, and y'all come back and see me again. Ya hear? Oh, and enjoy your sneak!

Monday, March 23, 2009

rhonda & co.

My third and final Houston shoot of the weekend was with Rhonda and her sweet little girl, Sarah. Sarah with an H, mind you. Rhonda had asked me to take Sarah's 3 Year Portraits. Which was extra special because Rhonda is my sister's best friend. And, by default, a dear friend of mine. My sister and I threw Rhonda a baby shower when she was prego with Sarah, for goodness sake! Rhonda can make the most delicious sugar cookies (that rival Cookie Bouquet's in taste AND presentation!), can match a color of paint to a picture in a magazine (my dining room is proof of this) and is a very talented photographer herself. So not only was is it extra special to take Sarah's portraits, it was an extra honor. A tutu, a tea party, a Tinkerbell cake and confetti all made for a very special session. For a very special little girl. Rhonda, thank you for the honor, thank you for bringing all the props, and thank you for sharing this special time with me! Enjoy your sneaky to the peaky, and kisses to the Sweet Sarah for me . . . and tell her Tinkerbell sends some, too!

ellen & co.

My second shoot in Houston was with the lovely Ellen, her ultra-hip son (Andy) and adorable grandson (Lucas). And oh the fun we had collecting sticks, chasing ducks and snuggling with Daddy. Well, Lucas did all that. We just watched as this little 4 year old (going on 14) exemplified the phrase All Boy. And check out this boy's mohawk! Maddox Who? Too cool, and he was too cute. And the sweet bond he shares with Daddy was especially touching to see. Ellen, thank you for the opportunity to work with you and your boys. Oh, and I hope Andy made good on his promise/bribe to Lucas regarding chocolate milk! Thanks so much, and enjoy your sneak peek!

laura & co.

I realized on Saturday, when I unpacked my suitcase in Houston, that I had forgotten to pack shoes. And the only pair I brought were the Nikes I wore on the drive in. Which turned out to be a very good thing: I truly needed them as I RAN around taking pictures of Miss Eva. And I mean RAN. Ironically, we took pictures in the very park where she took her first steps . . . and she's never slowed down since! I first took pictures of Laura & Co. last September, when they were in Dallas visiting friends. I was so happy last month when she emailed to see if I'd be in Houston anytime soon, as they wanted some spring pics. As luck would have it, my in-laws live in H-town, so this past weekend was a working-vaca down in the city. I had so much fun with this sweet family: "fishing", picking flowers, racing, bubble blowing . . . and getting to see Laura's brother and his lovely family! They stopped by at the end of the shoot for a group portrait, and the fun never ended. Laura, thank you so much for arranging the shoot! Tell John thanks for wearing deodorant. And thank you, Annat, for the rodeo coupons! You guys are the sweetest; enjoy your sneak!

Monday, March 16, 2009

lindsey & co.

My final session of the weekend was with Lindsey and her little family of three. This special session was to document the lovely Chloe at six months. Believe me when I tell you that Linsdey had been preparing for this session since Chloe's newborn sitting. And even though I saw the little girl a month earlier for "tummy time shots", it was amazing to see how much she had changed in that short time! She's working on some teeth, she's sitting up on her own . . . and she's cuter than ever. Lindsey did a great job coordinating everyone's outfits, and Chloe did a wonderful job modeling her monogrammed dress from Gramma. Thanks, guys, for a fun (albeit wet) session, and enjoy your sneak!

luvy & co.

I last saw Luvy and her family in mid-December, when we met for holiday card photos. This past Sunday we met again; this time for spring pics amdist the 400,000 tulips, daffodils and lillies at the Arboretum. Attending Dallas Blooms is somewhat of a tradition for this very sweet family, and I was honored to be a part of it this year. And, I'm not gonna lie, I was beyond tickled to see the divine Miss Sophia. Please know that I mean this in the very, very best way: this little girl is not normal. She just turned two in February. Two. And I swear to you, at times, I felt like I was talking to a four year old. Beyond bright, beyond beautiful, and just so much fun! It really was like seeing old friends this time, and I look forward to our next "get together." Luvy and Chris, thank you so much for letting me work with you guys again! And please tell Miss S, "Ella me lleva muchas sonrisas y hace que mi corazón feliz." And feel free to sign it, as I know she'll probably be able to understand that, too. Seriously, thank you guys; it was beyond fun!

ticey & co.

I am always bragging about my fabulous clients. Because of you, I have had a year's worth of constant business, and I have not yet had to officially advertise. Anywhere. You are all amazing, and I love each and every one of you. To death. But for the last year, there was one woman responsible for literally 1/4 of my clientelle base. Yet I had never met her. Never heard of her, actually, until I started this business. But month after month, I'd ask a client how they heard about me, and they'd reply with one name: Ticey. It actually became a joke in my household. This mysterious woman who had never used me, yet had sent me so much business. It haunted me. So a few weeks ago (almost a year to the day she referred to me one of my first clients), when the infamous Ticey finally contacted for a maternity session, I felt like I had come full circle. And when she mentioned she was carrying twins, I felt like I had won the lottery. Twins. Newborns. Ticey. Need I go on? So yesterday I finally got to put a face to The Name. And I met her charming Harold, too. Ticey is due early May, but she'll most likely welcome babies Kennedy and Hudson earlier. And I can promise you I am so looking forward to meeting them; almost as much as I was their fabulous mama! Ticey (apparently the only pregnant woman who does not suffer from heat intolerance) was a trooper during our early morning session in 44 degree weather. I had so much fun with this lovely couple, and it was such an honor to finally meet them. Ticey, enjoy your sneak. And I'll see you in a few weeks!

neille & co.

Neille first came to see me a few months ago for a Top Secret maternity session. At the time, she did not know if she was having a boy or a girl. My money was on a boy. So I was quite surprised when she emailed me a few weeks ago to schedule baby Brielle's (pronounced bree-elle) newborn session. This time her fabulous husband got to join us, and oh the fun we had! Brielle was ever the trooper, especially as we kept her cold and chilly in nothing but her birthday suit! Her ever doting daddy, I know, was so worried about her being cold! And Neille, as always, was effortlessly calm . . . especially after catching a little surprise from her beautiful daughter. Neille, thank you so much for coming out to see me again, and for bringing your beautiful family! I am looking forward to seeing you all in another 6 months! Congrats, and enjoy your sneaky!