Monday, March 2, 2009

kate & co.

Saturday morning I was visited by Kate, Scott and their adorable little three month old, Jack. Despite the fact that I had out-of-town company and there were plenty of distractions outside the studio walls, this little family was so calm and easy going. Kate (Helen Hunt's long lost twin, by the way) has the Mommy Thing down. So sweet, so nurturing and so in love with her little boy (her expressions in some of the candids are so moving!). And Scott was in full Daddy Mode as he coaxed smiles and giggles out of his little boy with fun phrases like "Get it, Jack! Get it, Jack! Get it!" and "Jack-a-roo!!!!!" Both of which, by the by, stayed in my head all day. And, I can't post this post without mentioning that Jack was the most verbal little three month old I've ever met! So much to say, and he had such a captive audience. Kate and Scott, it was an absolute pleasure working with you and your beautiful little boy! I am looking forward to our Daddy's Car shoot, and thank you for coming my way this time. Enjoy your sneak!

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