Saturday, March 28, 2009

jonathan & co.

Last June, Lisa asked me to come over to her parents' house to take a huge family portrait of all her sibs, nephews, parents . . . everyone. There I met all of her extended family, and I was smitten. So nice, so sweet . . . reminded me of my own (huge) family back home! One of the siblings there was Jonathan. Who happened to be in from New York with his lovely wife Pam, and their son Zachary. A very sweet threesome, indeed; so imagine my absolute delight when Jonathan contacted me last month for a session of their own. They would be in from New York for the week and wanted to come out to the studio for some family shots. New York. They could have gone anywhere. But the fact that they wanted to come back to little old me, in Texas, means more than they'll ever know. When Zachary stepped out of the car, I couldn't believe his curls! They were not as prevalent last time. But those gorgeous eyes (framed by those to-die-for-lashes) hadn't changed a bit! Zachary got to hear my infamous Palblo impersonation (our favorite Backyardigan, mind you), watch three adults try to blow bubbles with the oldest gum ever, and got to play Crash the Blocks with me. So. Much. Fun. Jonathan and Pam, truly, thank you so much for the unbelievable honor of letting me work with your family again. Have fun in Hawaii, and y'all come back and see me again. Ya hear? Oh, and enjoy your sneak!

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