Thursday, March 5, 2009

lauren & co.

This afternoon I had a playdate. I mean, my kiddos had a playdate. And I happen to be a huge fan of the mommy who brought the playdaters, so it was a playdate for everyone. You might remember Lauren's babies from a few months ago. Eight to be exact. And I couldn't believe how big baby Asher has gotten! Sitting up. Crawling like a maniac. To be perfectly frank, on the verge of walking. At 8 months. His Daddy, I'm told, was walking by 8.5 months, so it might run in the family. Oh, and he's such a mama's boy. Melted my heart. Obviously, I couldn't resist taking a few pictures of the boy with the bluest eyes ever. Tried to get a few of big sis, but she was too pre-occupied directing the Snow White Show (tickets sold out fast, folks!). Lauren, it was so much fun. As always. Thanks for coming out our way this time! Kisses to the kiddies. Mine are plum worn out.

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