Sunday, November 28, 2010

julie & co.

Another soon to be Big Sister came to see me recently, bringing along her parents and baby bro in the making. Megan was all smiles for us, as she snuggled up to baby Brother, mommy and dear old Dad. Such a little talker, and such a little sweetie. I am already dreaming about the newbie session in a few months! As studio session clients know, from time to time, you might actually spy one of my own little muses (who are still usually in their pajamas, full of syrupy smiles and bedhead hair, as Daddy is on duty ... I digress). Well, Megan spied my daughter. And for the rest of the session she affectionately called my daughter "my friend" and wanted to play with her every other second. After only seeing her for literally one second. If that adorable display of affection is any indication of what type of big sis Megan will be, I think she'll have one very blessed baby brother. Julie and Richard, it was great seeing you guys. LOVED the plum colors you chose, LOVE your girl, and I am so truly excited for you! Enjoy your sneak, and I'll see all four of you in a few months!

grady & co.

Not sure what it is about Grady's Girls, but I love them. To death. Macey and Whitney used to be my subjects Way Back When, when I would take fall family sessions for a little church in Wylie. Over the last few years I've been able to watch them grow and giggle and grin, and last year they added little Kelly to the mix, and we did a newbie session that still makes me smile. We recently did family photos, and I got to meet the lone man in the house full of beautiful girls. Macey and Whitney were posing like pros, begging me not to leave when the session ended. Gotta love that. Miss Kelly, who literally has the coloring for which lullabies and story books are written, didn't quite know what to make of the Crazy Lady with the Camera. But once said Crazy Lady gave her a giant lollipop (in lieu of a smash cake), we were pretty much besties. Such a fun family. Such a fun session. Grady, thanks for thinking of me, and enjoy your sneak!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

brooke & co.

You know you must be on Santa's Extra Extra Nice List if he makes a point to come all the way from the North Pole just to be in your holiday pictures. And in little Miss M's case, Extra Extra Nice is an understatement. Seriously. The little girl is so sweet, she's a walking candy cane. Maddie's mommy, Brooke (Ever The Planner), booked two sessions back to back: holiday family shots and maternity shots. For a little over two hours Madeline literally posed and played with the sweetest smile on her sweet little face the entire time. And, like the Maddie that visited the day before, I've been taking pictures of Madeline since she was in Brooke's tummy. And so to be asked to photograph the upcoming arrival of her baby brother, two years later, was so much more of an honor than you could possibly imagine, dear reader. I know I say it about so many of my clients, and I'll say it again. Brooke, Kheang and Maddie make up one deliciously sweet family, and I absolutely can't wait to see how much sweeter they become with Cole's arrival in the spring. Brooke, it was beyond wonderful seeing you guys (Santa, included!). Congrats, enjoy your sneak, and kisses to your little elf!

dawn & co.

Fun, fun, fun does not begin to describe Jessica, Shayna, and Jordan. Let alone their super fun mama, Dawn. Dawn, in the last year, won an essay contest on the Oprah show and was flown out to be in the studio audience. Then, on a whim, submitted an idea for a local sushi joint in a "make your own roll" contest. And won. Somewhere in Dallas is a divine sushi roll named after her. She finally sold her house that had been on the market "too long" and is near completion on renovation for her new home. In the meantime, she and the fun, fun, funnies are crashing at her in-laws'. And before you think Dawn is all about the glam and glitz, just know that she raised almost $12,000 for Team Shayna for the Heart Center at Children's Medical Center. And she and Brad are expecting their fourth child in the spring. Whom I simply can not wait to meet, as I wholeheartedly heart their three other fun, fun, funnies. Dawn, it's always so much fun. Always. Congrats on the bambino, and enjoy your sneak!

nicole & co.

The last time I met Nicole, David and Maddie for pics, it was in a field of wild poppies. And there was a choking incident that still makes my knees go all jello on me. This time around, however, I am pleased to say there were no emergencies to speak of. Oh sure, there was plenty of goldfish snacking, reading with mommy and daddy, and little M loving herself in the mirror. Maddie is 18 months now, about to celebrate her second holiday season with her doting parents, and I still can't believe I've been taking her pictures since she was in beautiful Nicole's tummy! Maddie's hair is insanely long, insanely gorgeous and just the perfect accessory for those amazing baby blues! Seriously. They are piercing. Guys, it was great seeing you. Thanks so much for letting me be a part of this time of year for you, and enjoy your sneak!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

meredith, kristin & co.

Once upon a time there was a little girl named Meredith. And her family owned and operated a farm in Celina, Texas for many generations. Still do to this day, actually. And unbeknownst to Meredith, the farm across the way, was owned and operated by a family who had a little boy named Toby (or Troy, depending on how you ask). And for years and years and years, Toby and Meredith never met. Until Meredith was in Baylor. Through friends. And once they got to talking, the two realized that they were neighbors, many moons ago. So it was a special session, indeed, when we met to take family photos on Meredith's land. And because they are members of the same league and absolute BFF's, and because her session was right after Meredith's, I'm combining Kristin's family photo session in this entry. Oh sure, I'm miserably behind in blogging and why not kill two birds with one stone? But really, when Meredith opened the back of her SUV and there was literally, literally, a metal clothes rod hanging across the back full of clothes for Lilly and Madison to wear and share, it just seemed they should share this entry together. During Meredith's session, Kristin played assistant, and Meredith willingly did the same when it was Kristin's turn. Where were the boys, you ask? Sharing stories of their "last minute" hunting trip they took at 4:30 the morning of said session. Which, I have a feeling, they planned around the same time Kristin and Meredith planned the photo shoots. Loved Miss Lilly sitting on her Grandam's saddle. And Miss Madison finding absolute joy in sister Molly playing in the fields. A great morning with some great folk. Ladies, thanks for the great time! Loved. It. All. Enjoy your sneaks!

kendra & co.

Kendra planned this family session when she was pregnant with Colby. 14 months ago. And this past Saturday she arrived to the session with her list of shots. Her impossibly well behaved children (seriously, they're amazing). And her quiet-as-a-church-mouse husband, Matt. Quiet, that is, until a crazy man on a bike crashes the family photo session. And I mean literally. Rather than stopping and waiting until we finished our shot, Crazy Bike Man literally pedals right in front of the camera. And while Matt tried to reason with him logically, Crazy Bike Man started getting a cramp. A cramp. Call me Inspector Gadget, but it was pretty obvious Bike Man was intentionally trying to sabotage our session (I am telling you, Bike Man brought craziness to a whole new crazy level). I had never been so frustrated or uncomfortable in my life. But I was absolutely so impressed with the kids. While Bike Man inhaled and exhaled during his oh-so-painful cramping, Trenton, Macey and baby Colby were ever the professionals. Leave it to very sweet kiddies to make a really awkward moment bearable. Kendra and Matt, I love your kids. And, Matt, I now know who to call should I ever encounter a crazy guy on a bike, a scooter, a unicycle ... whatever. Thanks so much for a fun session, and hugs and kisses to the kids! Enjoy your sneak!

luvy & co.

Sweet little Sophia has a baby sweet baby sister. Meet Miss Rose. 8 weeks old, and such a smiler. Luvy and her lovely little family braved the frigid winds past weekend for some family photos. Sophia was such a proud big sister, and she was so sweet when it came time to Sister Shots. And Rose? At 8 weeks she had some pretty intense gazes and adorable little smiles. The camera ate her up. And, like I did with her sister before her, I fell head over heels in love with Rose. Luvy, it was great seeing you guys again! Congrats, congrats, congrats, and enjoy the sneak!

tammie & co.

Zach Braff and his three super cute girlies joined me in Deep Ellum a few weekends ago (I'm so sadly behind in blogging, I could cry) for a fun filled session. These sweet sisters were sporting hats crocheted by Grandma, as well as super cute shirts sporting their ages: 1 and 3 (and both girls were born on the 13th, so this was a neat little numerical combo that mama Tammie wanted to capture). Happy seems like such a boring way to describe this family. But happy they are. And so unbelievably sweet. Seriously. One is sweeter than the next. Tammie, thanks for being so very flexible with the rescheduling. I have too much fun with you guys, and I cross my heart love your girls. Enjoy your sneaky to the peeky!

diane & co.

When I posted on FB last year that my house was a house divided (I was a Vikings fan, the hubs and son a Cowboys fan), she sent me a Vikings' cheerleader outfit for my daughter. So we would be an even house divided. Last November 1st she gave me the head's up that 103.7 was playing all Christmas music. All the time (fyi, they are now, too). Last week she sent me a cd of holiday tunes. Just because. Every few weeks she feels compelled to send me a random email about all of you. How beautiful your babies are. How sweet you look in pictures. And how much she enjoys reading about you, dear reader. She was one of my very first clients, and I have absolutely loved watching her babies grow. Two weekends ago we met at Deep Ellum for some hipster shots. On the eve of her anniversary. To one of the sweetest guys around. I love this family. Little Jack's sweet smile. Miss Haley's sassy one. I love (and covet) Diane's ridiculous ability to dress her family like a magazine ad in a really fancy, yet really hip, mag. Delinda, it was so much fun. This post is so very late. And I am so very sorry. Enjoy your sneak (and thanks for being such a sweetheart!), and kisses to Hank and the kiddies.