Thursday, November 18, 2010

diane & co.

When I posted on FB last year that my house was a house divided (I was a Vikings fan, the hubs and son a Cowboys fan), she sent me a Vikings' cheerleader outfit for my daughter. So we would be an even house divided. Last November 1st she gave me the head's up that 103.7 was playing all Christmas music. All the time (fyi, they are now, too). Last week she sent me a cd of holiday tunes. Just because. Every few weeks she feels compelled to send me a random email about all of you. How beautiful your babies are. How sweet you look in pictures. And how much she enjoys reading about you, dear reader. She was one of my very first clients, and I have absolutely loved watching her babies grow. Two weekends ago we met at Deep Ellum for some hipster shots. On the eve of her anniversary. To one of the sweetest guys around. I love this family. Little Jack's sweet smile. Miss Haley's sassy one. I love (and covet) Diane's ridiculous ability to dress her family like a magazine ad in a really fancy, yet really hip, mag. Delinda, it was so much fun. This post is so very late. And I am so very sorry. Enjoy your sneak (and thanks for being such a sweetheart!), and kisses to Hank and the kiddies.

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