Thursday, November 18, 2010

meredith, kristin & co.

Once upon a time there was a little girl named Meredith. And her family owned and operated a farm in Celina, Texas for many generations. Still do to this day, actually. And unbeknownst to Meredith, the farm across the way, was owned and operated by a family who had a little boy named Toby (or Troy, depending on how you ask). And for years and years and years, Toby and Meredith never met. Until Meredith was in Baylor. Through friends. And once they got to talking, the two realized that they were neighbors, many moons ago. So it was a special session, indeed, when we met to take family photos on Meredith's land. And because they are members of the same league and absolute BFF's, and because her session was right after Meredith's, I'm combining Kristin's family photo session in this entry. Oh sure, I'm miserably behind in blogging and why not kill two birds with one stone? But really, when Meredith opened the back of her SUV and there was literally, literally, a metal clothes rod hanging across the back full of clothes for Lilly and Madison to wear and share, it just seemed they should share this entry together. During Meredith's session, Kristin played assistant, and Meredith willingly did the same when it was Kristin's turn. Where were the boys, you ask? Sharing stories of their "last minute" hunting trip they took at 4:30 the morning of said session. Which, I have a feeling, they planned around the same time Kristin and Meredith planned the photo shoots. Loved Miss Lilly sitting on her Grandam's saddle. And Miss Madison finding absolute joy in sister Molly playing in the fields. A great morning with some great folk. Ladies, thanks for the great time! Loved. It. All. Enjoy your sneaks!

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