Wednesday, November 24, 2010

brooke & co.

You know you must be on Santa's Extra Extra Nice List if he makes a point to come all the way from the North Pole just to be in your holiday pictures. And in little Miss M's case, Extra Extra Nice is an understatement. Seriously. The little girl is so sweet, she's a walking candy cane. Maddie's mommy, Brooke (Ever The Planner), booked two sessions back to back: holiday family shots and maternity shots. For a little over two hours Madeline literally posed and played with the sweetest smile on her sweet little face the entire time. And, like the Maddie that visited the day before, I've been taking pictures of Madeline since she was in Brooke's tummy. And so to be asked to photograph the upcoming arrival of her baby brother, two years later, was so much more of an honor than you could possibly imagine, dear reader. I know I say it about so many of my clients, and I'll say it again. Brooke, Kheang and Maddie make up one deliciously sweet family, and I absolutely can't wait to see how much sweeter they become with Cole's arrival in the spring. Brooke, it was beyond wonderful seeing you guys (Santa, included!). Congrats, enjoy your sneak, and kisses to your little elf!

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