Tuesday, November 2, 2010

heather & co.

Sweet little Hattie Girl and equally Sweet Leighton Girl came back to see me this past weekend. I took newbie shots for both of them, and it was so great seeing them again! These little loves, four months apart, are cousins. Nannie, Mackenzie, and Aaron were in town for the weekend to trick-or-treat with Matt, Heather, and Hattie. It had been a year since seeing both of them, and I was so excited to see Hattie had not lost her red hair. Miss Leightons's once strawberry blond hair is now a lovely dark blond, and both have killer blues. Miss Hattie was Miss Independent, having to reach every spot by walking there. Herself. But she didn't mind holding hands with her sweet Mommy and Daddy; love that last shot of Hattie holding Matt's finger as we walked to our next spot. Miss Leighton was all smiles and giggles, even when she wasn't in the shot! And I think she might be cutest little elephant I've ever seen! Guys, thanks for thinking of me. It was so much fun, and I loved meeting Nannie! Enjoy your sneaks!

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