Thursday, November 18, 2010

kendra & co.

Kendra planned this family session when she was pregnant with Colby. 14 months ago. And this past Saturday she arrived to the session with her list of shots. Her impossibly well behaved children (seriously, they're amazing). And her quiet-as-a-church-mouse husband, Matt. Quiet, that is, until a crazy man on a bike crashes the family photo session. And I mean literally. Rather than stopping and waiting until we finished our shot, Crazy Bike Man literally pedals right in front of the camera. And while Matt tried to reason with him logically, Crazy Bike Man started getting a cramp. A cramp. Call me Inspector Gadget, but it was pretty obvious Bike Man was intentionally trying to sabotage our session (I am telling you, Bike Man brought craziness to a whole new crazy level). I had never been so frustrated or uncomfortable in my life. But I was absolutely so impressed with the kids. While Bike Man inhaled and exhaled during his oh-so-painful cramping, Trenton, Macey and baby Colby were ever the professionals. Leave it to very sweet kiddies to make a really awkward moment bearable. Kendra and Matt, I love your kids. And, Matt, I now know who to call should I ever encounter a crazy guy on a bike, a scooter, a unicycle ... whatever. Thanks so much for a fun session, and hugs and kisses to the kids! Enjoy your sneak!

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