Sunday, November 28, 2010

grady & co.

Not sure what it is about Grady's Girls, but I love them. To death. Macey and Whitney used to be my subjects Way Back When, when I would take fall family sessions for a little church in Wylie. Over the last few years I've been able to watch them grow and giggle and grin, and last year they added little Kelly to the mix, and we did a newbie session that still makes me smile. We recently did family photos, and I got to meet the lone man in the house full of beautiful girls. Macey and Whitney were posing like pros, begging me not to leave when the session ended. Gotta love that. Miss Kelly, who literally has the coloring for which lullabies and story books are written, didn't quite know what to make of the Crazy Lady with the Camera. But once said Crazy Lady gave her a giant lollipop (in lieu of a smash cake), we were pretty much besties. Such a fun family. Such a fun session. Grady, thanks for thinking of me, and enjoy your sneak!

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