Tuesday, September 29, 2009

risha & co.

This past Sunday I got to hang out with such a sweet family! Baby Dani was born a month ago, and her extended family was in town from Miami and New York to meet her (as well as to celebrate Yom Kippur). Risha, mommy to baby Dani, had booked the session a few months ago, and earlier in the week the first time Mommy was in a bit of a panic when the weather looked like it might not cooperate with us. Fortunately for us, it decided to play nice, and we met under sunny skies and very little humidity. Nana and Papa could not have been more estatic to have all three of their granddaughters with them (Nana kept snapping pictures with her camera when she wasn't in the pics; and who could blame her? The girls were adorable). Dani slept the entire session; not one peep. Such a beautiful, sweet baby girl; who is clearly so loved by so many. Uncle Steven and Ruben were so wonderful in making the girls laugh with their acrobatic jumps into the air . . . they should seriously think about taking their bit on the road. Risha, I have no doubt that the arrival of your baby girl could not have been a sweeter way to begin the New Year. May the upcoming one be full of sweeter moments for all of you. Thank you so much for thinking of me to capture this momentous time in your lives. Mazel tov, and enjoy your sneak!

Monday, September 28, 2009

lauren & co.

It seems like only yesterday I was documenting the upcoming arrival of Wayne and Lauren's sweet baby boy. And it literally was yesterday when we all met again to take sweet Caleb's one year pictures. As always, Lauren had planned the session down to a T. Four months ago. And, as always, it was so great working with this sweet family. Caleb gave me the sweetest smiles from the get-go. And he loved playing in the cowboy hat and vintage tin I brought along for the session. This particular session was very dear to me, because I've literally documented the major Caleb milestones in this family's life . . . . which dates back to a little more than over a year ago. It was astounding to me to see the changes in Caleb, the deeper bond Lauren and Wayne have developed because of Caleb . . . and just so moving because they have chosen to use me for so many of their moments. I feel like I'm rambling here . . . and I am 99.9% sure that I am. But it is nothing short of an honor that they've allowed me into their little world, countless times, and I guess I just am shocked that it's been a whole year. We've come full circle, so to speak. Anyway, enough about my pitiful little reflections: Caleb is walking, definitely talking and just such a sweetheart. Wayne is definitely the proud papa and so sweet with Caleb. And he still laughs at all of my jokes . . . which really makes a session successful, dear reader (FYI). Lauren really couldn't be a sweeter gal, and she's always so careful to make sure she hasn't offended you, overstepped her boudaries (which she never, ever does) . . just so very thoughtful. And that sweetness comes through in her mothering to little Caleb. So amazing to watch . . . and so much sweeter that I've watched it this past year. Thanks, guys, for another memorable session. Sorry for the direction issues prior to the session, and kisses to little boy blue. Enjoy your sneak . . . and thanks for the sleeping bag!

kristin & co.

Roman's six month session was followed by Madison's three month session. Which Kristin had started planning for at Madison's newborn session. Literally. Kristin, Chad, Madison and Nana arrived with approximately 7 outfits for Madison, 30 bows and a handful of other accessories. It's all about the options, people. Options. Madison, at three months, is a hoot: she loves Beyonce, prefers natural lighting to studio lighting (she's so advanced; it is more flattering than studio), prefers a velvet chair to a blanket in the grass, and I'm pretty sure that if there was a pea under her crib mattress, she'd feel it. I have to give some MAJOR props to Kristin. The color scheme she was going for revolved around pink. But she couldn't find anything for her that she liked. So she bought two different white shirts. And dyed them the night before our session. And, OMG, they were to. Die. For. When I first met Kristin I was convinced she would be a great talk show host. I've since changed my mind. After having worked with her thrice now (and two more upcoming sessions before the year's end), I think she needs her own reality series. Let's be honest, Kourtney is expecting, Khloe just got married, and I think we'd all rather keep up with Kristin than the Kardashians. When Kristin was nearing the end of her pregnancy with Madison, she once quipped, "I'm nesting. Actually, I'm paying people to nest for me. The maid is coming tomorrow, the lawn guy is here now . . . " Hilarious. Guys, as always, it was so much fun. I can't wait for the extended family shoot in November (I'm interviewing camera crews now). Enjoy your sneak!

ashley & co.

Saturday morning could not have started any sweeter for me. Little Roman and his perpetual smile stopped by for his 6 month photo session, bringing along his haute mom and dad. I first met Roman almost seven months ago, when I took his newborn pictures. His barbie doll, I mean mama, is a member of the League (along with Kristin, Tiffany, and Lindsey) and is just a sweetie. And if she weren't such a sweetie, I'd really, really dislike her and her PX90 rockin' bod. She and Matt do the exercise regimen together. Isn't that . . . sweet? I much prefer to MCD7 (that's the McDonald's value meal, #7, extra cheese) with the hubs. Anyway, I digress. This shoot was just Too. Much. Fun. As a mother to a little boy, I've always been frustrated at the lack of "cute boy stuff" out there. Little girls get tutus, bows, pettiskirts, etc. Leave it to Ashley the Interior Designer to find the most amanzing accessories for her son: ties. Adorable. And totally completed Roman's outfit. When I say Roman could not stop smiling, I'm not kidding. Such a happy, happy baby. And such a flirt! The funny thing about this session, dear reader: Roman was up for anything. And Ashley was game, too. Matt, though, would quietly voice his concern over us possibly injuring his little boy (not that we were doing ANYTHING remotely dangerous). "Um, I'm just afraid if we sit him on the wood floor without a pillow he'll fall over and hit his head." I think Matt must have said this 10 times, as he hovered within finger's reach to catch Roman if he toppled over. Or, "Uh, he really doesn't like things on his head; that hat will make him fall on his head for sure." Such a sweet, sweet daddy, and Ashley and I got a kick out of his concern. The shoot ended with the arrival of another leauge member: Kristin. We did a few shots of Roman and Madison together. And ever the ladies 'man, Roman immediately grabbed Miss M's hand. Then tried to coyly play with her hair (although, truth be told, I think he was after the bow) . . . and when those advances were not working, he decided he would use her as a jungle gym and just crawl all over her. An incredibly adorable way to end an incredibly adorable session. Ash and Matt, I don't know what you're feeding that boy, but it must be laced with happy, happy, happy. Thanks for stopping by, and enjoy your sneaky!

Friday, September 25, 2009

neille & co.

Seven months after making her debut on this very blog, baby Brielle is back. And, oh my goodness, what a sweetie!!!! She immediately flashed me the gummiest grin . . . and this was before we had even entered the park! And for the rest of the session, she was Little Miss Smiley. Such a happy, happy baby. And such doting, doting parents! They both went into work late so that they could make this session work. And what a pay-off! It was nearly impossible whittling the pics down to a few for the sneak, but I somehow managed. Neille brought along a bag of A-dorable outfits for Brielle and we managed to work them all into the session without one bit of protest from the supermodel baby. I first worked with Neille for her maternity session. I was struck then, as I was now, at what a strong woman she is. She had to grow up very fast, at a very young age, and that "I can do anything" attitude is just how she rolls. Intelligent, beautiful, strong . . . and I think the last pic sums this all up. We wrapped up our session a little before noon, and Neille wanted to be sure and give Brielle her bottle before taking her to school. "She's going to want to eat any minute now," she kept saying. And, on cue, Brielle was ready to eat. So while Brielle let us know it was lunch time, Neille juggled making a bottle, packing up outfits, soothing her daughter and paying her photographer . . .all in two minutes. I think I offered to help a dozen times, but she clearly had it all down. By the way, Brielle isn't playing peek-a-boo in that pic; while Mommy feeds her a bottle, she soothes herself by rubbing her head and eyes over and over. Such a sweet baby, such a sweet family, and such a sweet session. Thanks, Neille and Lane, for going into work late! And thanks for a great session! Enjoy your sneaky!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

kelly & co.

Kelly and I met about two years ago, and we became fast friends. We bonded over our mutual loves of cooking, photography, wine, our West Texas roots . . . and our quest to become mommies. About the time I met Kelly she and her sweet husband were beginning what would become a long, long journey to parenthood. With so many almosts, so many heart aches, so many tears . . . it was a journey I knew all too well. And on that journey, at times, it's hard to ever imagine the horrible road ending. Kelly and Alex endured several losses over the years. They were, in fact, about to begin their first round of IVF when Kelly found out that she was already pregnant. Shock can not begin to describe all of our emotions when we found out . . . . and each week we kept our fingers, toes and eyes crossed, willing that she would make it to the next week. I think we all breathed a huge sigh of relief when she made it past the first trimester . . . and through the second . . . and now here we are: a month away from the long anticipated arrival of Miss Andie Elizabeth. Never have I longed to meet a baby more than her . . . aside from my own two miracle babies. In her mommy and daddy's darkest moment, she gave them hope. Kelly and Alex are an amazing couple, and I have no doubt that they will make amazing parents. Joy, joy, joy does not even begin to describe my happiness for them. Kelly, I am beyond thrilled for you . . . and looking forward to bonding over our next mutual love: motherhood. Congrats, guys, and enjoy your sneak!

dena & co.

My other maternity session of the week happened to be for the lovely Dena. Expecting baby Bennet next month, she was radiant and much too laidback for a soon-to-be-mommy of two. The last time I saw big sister Lydia, it was for her two year portraits. She hadn't changed much in the last six months: still adorable as ever, talking up a storm and so full of sass and spirit. I always know the session has gone well when the youngest models clutch my leg tightly and proclaim they don't want to go home with mommy and daddy! Lydia and Dena clearly have a very, very special bond between them. At times it was difficult to tell who adored who more. And I am looking forward to watching them welcome Bennet into the mix next month. He will get more lovin' than he ever thought possible! Special thanks to Nana for coming out to help with Lydia while we took some Mommy Belly shots! On a personal note, the arrival of your second child is so bittersweet. The bond and relationship you've made with your first stands to change. Dramatically. While excited about the arrival of the new baby growing in your belly, at least for me, you can't help but feel like a little part of your world is . . . over. Of course, once the baby arrives, that world becomes even bigger and better, more than you could have ever imagined. Still, I loved watching the special moments Dena and Lydia shared together just as Dena and Lydia. And I simply can't wait to capture some equally sweet ones when baby brother makes his debut. Dena, thanks for a great session, enjoy this last month, and I'll see you soon!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

tasha & co.

Ava Michelle. She and her gorgeous parents came to visit me today. At 4 weeks, Ava was just beyond perfection. So full, so round, and so, so, so sweet. What a snuggler! And just so curious. She was content to just lay there and soak up the sights in the studio. She gave me major eye contact, sweet smiles and let me get my Baby Fix with some sweet snugglin' between shots. And don't get me started on her parents. It's hard to say who was sweeter: Brian and his great help moving props and furniture, or Miss Tasha and her willingness to let me pose her baby any which way. And isn't she just so pretty? Tinier than I was at three (and she just had a baby!), I seriously would have hated her. If she wasn't so sweet. And what's sweeter? The fact that Brian and Tasha were high school sweethearts! It seriously doesn't get any sweeter than that. Guys, thank you so much for coming out to see me with your beautiful, adorable, baby girl. I miss her. I'm not kidding. Enjoy your sneak, your weekend and Miss Ava!

lindsey & co.

Chloe Grace. It truly seems as though just yesterday I was taking this little girl's newborn pictures. And here she was today, sitting for her one year portraits. A whole year. Chloe's mommy has become a very dear friend of mine, and I know that as much as I'm in disbelief that Chloe is now cruising, has a mouthful of teeth and a hint of her first curl . . . her mommy is even more so. And her heart has broken just a little. Lindsey and I are cut from the same cloth when it comes to Mommyhood. And when she said the goal of the session was to get some pics of Miss Chloe, but that she really wanted some sweet candids with her baby girl, I got it. Lindsey has chronicled everyday of Chloe's life . . . but has done so from behind the camera. It was important for her to be on the other side for these shots, and I couldn't understand that feeling more. Corey and Linds, you've done an amazing job with your little girl. It has been such an incredible honor to chronicle her little life thus far, and I look forward to the upcoming year! One last thing, and only because it was the most incredible thing I've ever seen: Lindsey has always reminded me of Bree Van de Kamp. And I mean that in the best way, because Bree was my favorite character, and I always wanted to be just like her. Lindsey is so polished. So elegant. So it was not a surprise to me at all that, when Chloe was eating both her snacks and her smash cake, she chewed her food with her mouth closed. Like a little lady. At one. I totally could not believe it, but was not at all surprised. Nor at the fact that the birthday girl barely made a mess when she dug into her smash cake. Seems like Mother and Daughter might be cut from the same cloth, too. Lindsey, enjoy your sneaky. Hopefully the sweet mama and baby girl shots will tide you over through the weekend! And kisses to Miss C!

katie & co.

Katie and Kirk came out to see me this week, and with them they brought Miss Olivia. At three weeks, she had such a head of hair! And my, oh my did she have so much to say! Poor Katie forgot to pack O's favorite paci, but we still managed to calm the sweet pea down. At three weeks, I'm sure Kirk is thrilled to hear Olivia already shows signs of being a full blown Daddy's girl. And Katie is surely up for the Calmest Mommy of the Year award. A very hip, laid back couple, and it was so much fun working with them. All 3 of them! Katie and Kirk, thank you so much for bringing your sweet baby girl out to see me! It was an honor, and enjoy your sneaky!