Friday, September 4, 2009

chris & co.

This poor family of three has been patiently waiting for their sneak peek. Which they would have gotten days ago, had my computer not crashed. Hence, the wait. Despite my week of technical difficulties, I thoroughly enjoyed this week's visit from Chris, Chuck and baby Charlie. Charlie is three months old now, and oh my heavens, such a cutie! His eys are amazing. Amazing. And his strength is astounding. Astounding. At two weeks he was rolling over. Right in front of my very eyes. At three months he was attempting to crawl. Right off of my table. And he's just so advanced. He was smiling and talking just like a six month old! Chris brought along the same football we used in his newborn shots, as well as a Vikings jersey and Chicago Bears onsie. As mentioned previously, Chris and Chuck have an adorable rivalry going on in their household. I'm personally holding out to see if I will receive a #4 purple and gold jersey for my upcoming birthday (hint, hint, dear reader), so you can guess whose side I'm on. What wasn't so clear, however, was whose side Charlie was on. Granted, we got the biggest smiles when he was in his Vikings gear, but the Chicago onsie was the last outfit we put on him, and by then baby boy was ready for bed. Still, he managed to flash mama some touchdown smiles . . . but Chuck will deny this all the way to the Superbowl (Go, Vikes!). Guys, it was so great seeing you again. He is just beyond adorable, so much fun, and such a sport. Thanks for coming out to see me, and enjoy your sneak peek!

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