Monday, September 28, 2009

kristin & co.

Roman's six month session was followed by Madison's three month session. Which Kristin had started planning for at Madison's newborn session. Literally. Kristin, Chad, Madison and Nana arrived with approximately 7 outfits for Madison, 30 bows and a handful of other accessories. It's all about the options, people. Options. Madison, at three months, is a hoot: she loves Beyonce, prefers natural lighting to studio lighting (she's so advanced; it is more flattering than studio), prefers a velvet chair to a blanket in the grass, and I'm pretty sure that if there was a pea under her crib mattress, she'd feel it. I have to give some MAJOR props to Kristin. The color scheme she was going for revolved around pink. But she couldn't find anything for her that she liked. So she bought two different white shirts. And dyed them the night before our session. And, OMG, they were to. Die. For. When I first met Kristin I was convinced she would be a great talk show host. I've since changed my mind. After having worked with her thrice now (and two more upcoming sessions before the year's end), I think she needs her own reality series. Let's be honest, Kourtney is expecting, Khloe just got married, and I think we'd all rather keep up with Kristin than the Kardashians. When Kristin was nearing the end of her pregnancy with Madison, she once quipped, "I'm nesting. Actually, I'm paying people to nest for me. The maid is coming tomorrow, the lawn guy is here now . . . " Hilarious. Guys, as always, it was so much fun. I can't wait for the extended family shoot in November (I'm interviewing camera crews now). Enjoy your sneak!

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