Sunday, September 13, 2009

meredith & co.

Sweet little Lillian Christie paid me a visit on Saturday. And take a wild guess at the color of her hair. Wait for it, dear reader . . . . you guessed it: red! Actually, hers was more of a lovely strawberry blonde that would make Nicole Kidman green with envy. The ever patient and equally calm Meredith and Troy brought their precious six week old girl out to see me, and I could not have enjoyed myself more. Six weeks is a tough age for babies to get their picture taken. They miss the arms that they've gotten so used to holding them. They don't necessarily like being exposed to the world (even if I do keep my studio a toasty temp). And they definitely don't like me manhandling them after they have fallen asleep. I put poor Lily to the test, and I'm happy to report that she passed with flying colors. Aside from my own son, I've never seen a child fight sleep as much as Lily. It was so funny; she'd start to drift off and then open one eye, just to check on things. Her doting daddy called it her "reconnaissance". Check it out yourself in the last pic; does it not make for a great picture, or what? Lilly is an absolute sweetie, and her parents were even sweeter. It can be hard for parents to hear their babies cry, especially at the hands of some crazy-camera-carrying lady . . . but Troy and Meredith were so great. I even got to snuggle with the lovely Lily and feed her a bottle. Guys, thanks so much for coming out to see me. She is absolutley beautiful and it was so much fun! Enjoy your sneaky to the peeky!


  1. I love sweet Lilly....she is so beautiful and you captured such great pictures. Once again...You are the best

  2. My niece is the most beautiful baby girl in the world and I couldn't be more proud!!! GREAT pictures!!!