Tuesday, September 22, 2009

kelly & co.

Kelly and I met about two years ago, and we became fast friends. We bonded over our mutual loves of cooking, photography, wine, our West Texas roots . . . and our quest to become mommies. About the time I met Kelly she and her sweet husband were beginning what would become a long, long journey to parenthood. With so many almosts, so many heart aches, so many tears . . . it was a journey I knew all too well. And on that journey, at times, it's hard to ever imagine the horrible road ending. Kelly and Alex endured several losses over the years. They were, in fact, about to begin their first round of IVF when Kelly found out that she was already pregnant. Shock can not begin to describe all of our emotions when we found out . . . . and each week we kept our fingers, toes and eyes crossed, willing that she would make it to the next week. I think we all breathed a huge sigh of relief when she made it past the first trimester . . . and through the second . . . and now here we are: a month away from the long anticipated arrival of Miss Andie Elizabeth. Never have I longed to meet a baby more than her . . . aside from my own two miracle babies. In her mommy and daddy's darkest moment, she gave them hope. Kelly and Alex are an amazing couple, and I have no doubt that they will make amazing parents. Joy, joy, joy does not even begin to describe my happiness for them. Kelly, I am beyond thrilled for you . . . and looking forward to bonding over our next mutual love: motherhood. Congrats, guys, and enjoy your sneak!


  1. awwwww love it!!!! Thank you so much!!! We had such a fun day, you are sooo talented!!

  2. awww I am going to cry! so sweet! jen you write so well!