Thursday, October 28, 2010

kara & co.

New parents, Scott and Kara, stopped by the studio this week. They brought with them their three week old son, Preston and "big brother" Max. Both boys, I'm pleased to report, were absolute angels. I kid you not, Preston slept the entire time, taking only one small break to drink a quick bottle. And then it was back to Dream Land for the sweetheart. Max was such a sweetie, both posing with the family and then posing for some sweet snuggle shots with his new baby brother. Scott and Kara were entirely too relaxed and laid back to be new parents to a newborn, and I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know them. While Kara and I dished about home remodeling, Scott told me all about his future career in Internal Medicine. And judging by how sweet he was with his little boy, I have no doubt he will be a fantastic doc with the best bedside manner. At one point I asked the proud parents how they chose Preston's name. Turns out Scott used to live off of Preston as a bachelor, and when he'd drive down the street he always thought it was a great name for a future son. Fast forward years later, when he and his lovely wife found out they were expecting a boy, and Scott shared the name with her. She loved it, both because the name is a great one, but mostly because her sweet husband thought of it all on his own, so many years ago, when Preston was just a twinkle in his eye. Such a sweet family, such a sweet boy, and such a great session. Congrats, guys, and thanks for letting me capture this moment in your lives! Enjoy your sneak!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

patty & co.

Patty and her boys met me out at the Arboretum for some fall family pics this weekend. We were actually supposed to meet elsewhere, but the crazy rain on Saturday led us to the somewhat dry sidewalks of the Arboretum. Which were lined with over 40,000 pumpkins. 40,000. Pumpkins. And those pumpkins brought droves of people. Droves. Never mind that Patty had dressed everyone in beachy blues and they were all throwing out a Cali vibe. While we were limited in where we could shoot, we managed to find some pumpkin-free spots, and we also managed to have fun. And find worms. Lots of them. The boys were so sweet, even towards the end when The Boss all but told us to Wrap. It. Up. And who could blame him? We had already cut in to his lunch and nap schedule, and no amount of lollipops, or pumpkins, could make up for that? Right? Nevertheless, the brothers were adorable, and Patty's laid back style was perfection. Guys, thanks for being so flexible with the location change and for coming out to see me! I had so much fun, and enjoy your sneak!

lauren & co.

Oh sweet, Sophie. I got to play with another one of my favorite red heads this weekend. And in the six months I had seen her last, she hadn't changed much. At all, really, save for one major detail: her amazing red locks were now amazing curly red locks! Her head looked like a big bowl of Spaghetti-O's! Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous, and I couldn't take my lens off of her! Lauren and Paul, in typical fashion, were so much fun. As Lauren and I schemed over our next photo session (it will be epic, dear reader), Paul and Sophie found all kinds of critters roaming the grounds. A beautiful monarch had to the most interesting find. And Sophie inspecting it had to be the most adorable moment. Lauren always frets over wardrobe, but somehow she seems to always pull off a classic look. The plums in Miss Sophie's dress just made her curls pop! And guess who little adorable Sophie will be for Halloween this year? ... Wait for it ... Little Orphan Annie. Is that not priceless? Thanks, guys, for so much fun. Again. Looking forward to February ...

Thursday, October 21, 2010

katherine & co.

Sweet little Eleanor. Six months. As tiny as they come. And so unbelievably adorable. When I first laid eyes on her this past Wednesday, I just fell in love. I wasn't sure if it was her huge blue-green eyes. Or her round cheeks and creamy white skin. Or that adorable little chin that sits below the most perfect little pout. Or her button nose. Or her perfect strawberry blonde "bed head" hair ... And then I realized it wasn't one thing that made me fall in love with Eleanor, but everything about Eleanor that made me fall in love with Eleanor. Even her name. Eleanor. So as I was ooohing and ahhhing over my new found love for the little sprite, I just about fell over when Katherine told me that they brought along a sweater that they wanted Eleanor to wear for a few pictures. A handknit sweater. From a relative. Who lives in Norway. Norway. Never mind that the sentimental story alone had me weak in the knees ... But, Norway? For you see, dear reader, my father's father was from Norway. And as it turned out, both Katherine and Drew have relatives in Norway. In fact, both Katherine and Drew attended the same high school, but never crossed paths. Until college. Where they met. Fell in love. And eventually married. While Katherine works at SMU, Drew is in a doctoral program at Southwestern for something to do with genetic research. It was a title that literally had five really large and scientific words in it (and rather intimidated me, the sweater loving English major), but he pretty much wants to determine lifespans. I'm assuming in people, but I didn't really get that far. Because Eleanor's lovely face kept calling to me, and I had to answer. Guys, she is sweet as she is beautiful, and it was so much fun getting to know you. Thanks for coming out to see me, enjoy your sneak, and ha det bra!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

becca & co.

My camera will always hold a special place in its lens for this little girl. This four year old skinny-jean-UGG-wearing little girl. Her mama (who will always hold a special place in my heart) took a chance on me 3 years ago this bluebonnet season. Eva was my first non-family/friend subject (let it be noted, however, that her faboosh mama and I have since grown quite fond of each other). This marked my 4th time to work with Eva. Becca chose some great spots in downtown Dallas (she has an eye for that; two, actually, with lashes coated in the most amazing mascara that makes her eyelashes look like something out of a magazine ... I digress), and Eva could not have been cuter. When we were ready to get things rolling, I called my little muse over to our first spot. "In a second," she called back. "I'm dealing with a rock." Dealing. With. A. Rock. What four year old talks like that? For the rest of the session, she danced, collected bird feathers, rocked out to the YMCA, did whatever I asked of her, and just did her thing. So very well. By the end of our session, she and I had had a ton-o-fun together. We were practically besties. As we were getting ready to pack up, Eva found a lonely orchid flower forgotten on the ground from a wedding held on the site the day before. She leaned over, picked it up, and gave it to me. She then offered me not one, but two, silly bands. Two. And then she found two more flowers on the ground and gave them to me. And, without having to be reminded that someone else was in our company, she found another one and gave it to her mommy. And then she found a leaf. And an acorn. And three more leaves (and, in case you are wondering, leaves can be brown). And as she handed over each and every treasure to me, I asked her, "Eva, why are you so sweet to me?" She was quiet for only a second before simply stating, "Because I like for you to be happy." Ummm ... Eva Girl, did you mean to melt my heart? Or just steal it? Because you're guilty of both. Becca Girl, what can I say? You believed in me without even knowing me. Thanks for sharing your girl with me the last few years. As always, it's an honor. Enjoy your sneak, and tell Eva I'm still wearing the bands.

amy & co.

Little Boy Drew, I heart you.
With your hair so red and your eyes so blue.
Seriously, I heart this boy. Just such a sweetie. Never mind that the camera eats him up with his gorgeous coloring and megawatt smile. Or that I could ... what with his gorgeous coloring and megawatt smile. It had been about a year since I saw him last. He is walking now. Everywhere. And just so curious. He loved the steps at the park, the acorns on the ground, the really creepy iron elves that decorate the grounds ... all of it. And I can honestly say that Mike and Amy loved chasing their little redhead all around the park. I've always loved Prather Park because the gorgeous stone steps remind me of someplace in England. Or Ireland. And Drew? Well, one look at the wee little lad (hopefully you read that line in the ridiculous Irish accent I was using while writing it), and you can guess whence Drew reminds me. The park could not have been more perfect for him. And it was a big milestone at the end of the session, when Drew got to sit in the big boy swing. All by himself. This was a first for him, and the moment he realized he was sitting in the swing, on his own, was just too sweet. He took one look at his adoring parents, one quick glance at the crazy lady with the camera, and then down at the ground to make sure he was, indeed, sitting there by himself. Priceless. Amy, thanks so much for coming back to see me. I always have so much fun with you guys, and this time was no exception. Hope Spidey gets lots of treats this Halloween, and enjoy your sneaky!

april & co.

Sweet little Maverick. It had been a little over a year since I last saw him. But you never would have known it by the way he greeted me. Within seconds, he flashed me his sweet smile, told me that he was going to be a pirate for Halloween, and then pretty much lavished me with attention and affection for the entire hour. I'm not kidding. When I asked what his favorite song was (because, as my hautties know, I'm not above singing anything to anyone if it gets me a smile), I was beyond pleased to find out it's one of my faves: Soul Sister. Mav's giggles and grins were pretty much contagious at that point, and I'm just telling myself that Matt and April were laughing with me and Mavman, and not at ... me ... Speaking of April, don't hate her. I know. I know. She's tall. And skinny. And pretty as the day is long. Don't forget she had that whole Reality TV star thing going for her ... But seriously, don't hate. She's just about as sweet as they come, and Mr. Matt could not be more of a sport. Last year he rocked the teal blue shirt like nobody's business, and I could all but hear the relief in his voice that this year April chose a more masculine color for family pics. And I, for one, was beyond tickled that April chose to bring along some vintage shades for Maverick to wear. Beyond too cute for any description. Take a looksy yourself. This sweet family was the perfect way to begin my Sunday morning, and getting to watch Maverick play on the playground was the perfect way to end the session. Guys, it was so great seeing you! Thanks for letting Maverick play with me for a bit, and enjoy your sneaky to the peeky!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

laura & co.

The perfect way to end a perfect weekend of the sweetest sessions was with the sweetest Sister/Brother duo. I had the pleasure of photographing these cuties a year ago, when Patrick was just turning two. Even back then, he and big sister Elena had the sweetest bond. One year later, it's stronger than ever. Two years his senior, Elena is so gentle with her baby brother. And he is so in awe of her ... it's what sibling revelry is all about, dear reader. For an hour, they posed with me, played with me, and shared their favorite toys with me. P's is a mini Thomas train, and E's is an American Girl baby doll she has had since she was a baby. Named Bitty, and given to her by her grandmother, the doll holds a special place in Elena's heart. She was so cute as she snuggled and sang to Bitty, and it reminded me of how cute she is snuggling with another little sweetie (who happens to own a mini Thomas train). Laura and Pablo, thank you once again for letting me work with your kiddies! They make my job entirely too easy and entirely too much fun! Enjoy your sneak!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

penny & co.

Oh, Chandler. Must you be so sweet? Must you be so unbelievably cute? Must you make me want to scoop you up and take you home with me? Just so that you can follow me around, with that constant grin, strumming your little air guitar, and singing Twisted Sister's "We're Not Gonna Take It". I'm not kidding, dear reader, this soon to be three year old can rock with the best of them, and he literally could not stop smiling for our entire session. Or singing. Twisted Sister. He greeted me with the biggest grin, played for an hour with me (with the biggest grin), and left our session with ... you guessed it: the biggest grin. At Chandler's age, it's really all about the candids. Capturing the child in the moment. Because it's just pretty much impossible to ask a two year old to sit a certain way. Cross his legs a certain way. Hold his arms a certain way ... unless said two year old is Chandler. It's the craziest thing. And just about the cutest. Oh, wait. The cutest was when I tried to join in on his toddler karaoke session, and I got one of the lyrics wrong. He stopped, mid-air guitar, and corrected me. Twice. Such a sweet boy, such sweet parents, and I absolutely love working FOR Chandler. 'Cause I'll be honest, this kid knows how to work it.