Tuesday, October 19, 2010

becca & co.

My camera will always hold a special place in its lens for this little girl. This four year old skinny-jean-UGG-wearing little girl. Her mama (who will always hold a special place in my heart) took a chance on me 3 years ago this bluebonnet season. Eva was my first non-family/friend subject (let it be noted, however, that her faboosh mama and I have since grown quite fond of each other). This marked my 4th time to work with Eva. Becca chose some great spots in downtown Dallas (she has an eye for that; two, actually, with lashes coated in the most amazing mascara that makes her eyelashes look like something out of a magazine ... I digress), and Eva could not have been cuter. When we were ready to get things rolling, I called my little muse over to our first spot. "In a second," she called back. "I'm dealing with a rock." Dealing. With. A. Rock. What four year old talks like that? For the rest of the session, she danced, collected bird feathers, rocked out to the YMCA, did whatever I asked of her, and just did her thing. So very well. By the end of our session, she and I had had a ton-o-fun together. We were practically besties. As we were getting ready to pack up, Eva found a lonely orchid flower forgotten on the ground from a wedding held on the site the day before. She leaned over, picked it up, and gave it to me. She then offered me not one, but two, silly bands. Two. And then she found two more flowers on the ground and gave them to me. And, without having to be reminded that someone else was in our company, she found another one and gave it to her mommy. And then she found a leaf. And an acorn. And three more leaves (and, in case you are wondering, leaves can be brown). And as she handed over each and every treasure to me, I asked her, "Eva, why are you so sweet to me?" She was quiet for only a second before simply stating, "Because I like for you to be happy." Ummm ... Eva Girl, did you mean to melt my heart? Or just steal it? Because you're guilty of both. Becca Girl, what can I say? You believed in me without even knowing me. Thanks for sharing your girl with me the last few years. As always, it's an honor. Enjoy your sneak, and tell Eva I'm still wearing the bands.

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  1. Um oh my how my bff has grown up!! Fantastic face and fantastic photos!!!