Thursday, October 21, 2010

katherine & co.

Sweet little Eleanor. Six months. As tiny as they come. And so unbelievably adorable. When I first laid eyes on her this past Wednesday, I just fell in love. I wasn't sure if it was her huge blue-green eyes. Or her round cheeks and creamy white skin. Or that adorable little chin that sits below the most perfect little pout. Or her button nose. Or her perfect strawberry blonde "bed head" hair ... And then I realized it wasn't one thing that made me fall in love with Eleanor, but everything about Eleanor that made me fall in love with Eleanor. Even her name. Eleanor. So as I was ooohing and ahhhing over my new found love for the little sprite, I just about fell over when Katherine told me that they brought along a sweater that they wanted Eleanor to wear for a few pictures. A handknit sweater. From a relative. Who lives in Norway. Norway. Never mind that the sentimental story alone had me weak in the knees ... But, Norway? For you see, dear reader, my father's father was from Norway. And as it turned out, both Katherine and Drew have relatives in Norway. In fact, both Katherine and Drew attended the same high school, but never crossed paths. Until college. Where they met. Fell in love. And eventually married. While Katherine works at SMU, Drew is in a doctoral program at Southwestern for something to do with genetic research. It was a title that literally had five really large and scientific words in it (and rather intimidated me, the sweater loving English major), but he pretty much wants to determine lifespans. I'm assuming in people, but I didn't really get that far. Because Eleanor's lovely face kept calling to me, and I had to answer. Guys, she is sweet as she is beautiful, and it was so much fun getting to know you. Thanks for coming out to see me, enjoy your sneak, and ha det bra!

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