Sunday, October 3, 2010

andrea & co.

What was supposed to be a family shot of 12 ended up being a family shot of 11 at the last minute. Poor Richard (hubs to the lovely Kristen and daddy to the adorable Kaylee) ate a yogurt that had expired the day before, so he stayed home with a nasty case of food poisoning. While his presence was missed, the rest of the fam rallied and posed and laughed and smiled. And I have to say, I was absolutely impressed with everyone. Every. Last. One. But especially the littlest girls, Sadie and Kaylee. Born three weeks apart, these cousins came to see me when they were newbies. Even then, they were such well behaved little girlies! With such a large group, our session ran over the typical hour mark. But the little girls were smiling and happy the entire time. I know I've shared with all my readers that I come from a large family. I am one of 5. My mom is one of 10 ... and big groups just make me feel at home. And Andrea's family was no different (well, except when Kristen accused me of abusing my 14 weeks prego sister/assistant extraordinaire; but what do you expect from little sisters, right, Andrea?). At the trunk of this family tree were Patricia and Dennis. Married for 60 years. 60 years. All the way in from Oklahoma, they were just about the cutest little couple this side of the Red River. Patricia actually knitted the blanket Miss Kaylee used in her newbie shoot, and Dennis once did wedding photography back in the day. With film. Film. Had I known this little piece of family trivia prior to the session, dear reader, I probably would not have slept a wink the night before! Brenda and Steve, Andrea's parents, aren't far behind in the Marital Miles, logging in an impressive 40 years! Andrea mentioned that they had never had professional photos taken of them their entire marriage, but you never would have known that. Naturals in front of the camera, and so very clearly still in love. Matt and Nicole (who I, for some unknown reason, kept calling Michelle) were such sports during our mini-session. Married for 3 years, they were too cute as the posed precariously on the rocks in the water. Kristen and Andrea were as fun as ever, and my sister and I had fun laughing and joking with them. But the real stars of this fabulous session? 10 month old Kaylee and Sadie. They literally smiled in ever shot. Even the big group shots. Just too sweet for words, and such little angels. Andrea, thank you for organizing this entire session! It was an honor, so much fun, and enjoy your sneaky!

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