Tuesday, October 5, 2010

laura & co.

The perfect way to end a perfect weekend of the sweetest sessions was with the sweetest Sister/Brother duo. I had the pleasure of photographing these cuties a year ago, when Patrick was just turning two. Even back then, he and big sister Elena had the sweetest bond. One year later, it's stronger than ever. Two years his senior, Elena is so gentle with her baby brother. And he is so in awe of her ... it's what sibling revelry is all about, dear reader. For an hour, they posed with me, played with me, and shared their favorite toys with me. P's is a mini Thomas train, and E's is an American Girl baby doll she has had since she was a baby. Named Bitty, and given to her by her grandmother, the doll holds a special place in Elena's heart. She was so cute as she snuggled and sang to Bitty, and it reminded me of how cute she is snuggling with another little sweetie (who happens to own a mini Thomas train). Laura and Pablo, thank you once again for letting me work with your kiddies! They make my job entirely too easy and entirely too much fun! Enjoy your sneak!

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