Sunday, October 3, 2010

jenny & co.

I know. I know. With such a fantastic large group session on Friday, you're thinking there is no way I would be just as lucky with another photo session for 12 on Saturday. I'm not gonna lie: I was worried, too. Never mind that I've worked with Jenny and Patrick about 1/2 a dozen times. And that each session is better than the last. That Chris and Victoria gave me the honor of taking their engagement pictures a few years ago. That little Camille is always my Go To Girl on each and every session ... that I just adore Jenny and her family. But I just couldn't fathom how I'd be lucky enough to have two back to back flawless Big Family sessions. But when a session for 12 ends after a little over an hour, and everyone is still smiling and joking and as happy as they were when they first arrived, and when the sweaty beast of the photographer is invited to join the family for lunch ... it's safe to assume the session went well. I'm pleased to report, dear reader, it went better than well. Which, if you know Jenny, really shouldn't shock you. Jenny's brother Rob and his lovely wife Amy were in from Sugar Land this past weekend and are parents to the adorable Ellie and Anna Claire. These girls were just as sweet as their cousins, and between the three girls, I am pretty sure haute shot photography has the cutest little set of assistants. Ever. Mr. Ford was ever the ham, making his Cheese Face on cue and loving every second of running around with his beautiful cousins. Chris, hubs to the lovely Victoria, was such a sport as I made him kneel in wet grass. And if I've said it once, I've said it too many times. But I adore these types of sessions. Watching the dynamics is so much fun, and noticing little things like Anna Claire and Camille having the same smile makes me smile. Or that all four cousins were impossibly blessed with the most amazing blue eyes. The sweetest part of a session like this is watching the matriarch and patriarch of the group watching their children. And their children's children. And I wonder what they're wondering, and I'm certain it has something to do with pride. And love. Beyond anything they've ever imagined. The shot of Terry and Caroline (aforementioned matriarch and patriarch) looking off and smiling at their grandchildren running around the park is a new fave of mine and pretty much sums up what I love about this job. They raised an incredible family, and it has truly been an honor working with so many of them over the last few years. And now, if you'll excuse a shameless and unsolicited plug: Jenny's husband Patrick (a huge Saints fan, but don't hold that against him) recently opened up his own dermatology practice in Ft. Worth. Take a look at his website, and if you're looking for a great doc in the Ft. Worth area, I highly recommend Patrick as your guy. Jenny, thank you, thank you, thank you for letting me meet the rest of your family. I absolutely loved them, and I hope they all enjoy the sneaky! And next time, I'm so coming to lunch!

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