Monday, March 29, 2010

kristin & co.

She's back! Little Madison was ever the professional during her 9 month photo shoot. And with sessions by me and other photogs literally the last 8 months of her life, I was not the least surprised. The Chad arrived to the shoot sporting some haute glasses (and I couldn't resist snapping a few pics of him wearing them; Facebook!), and Kristin arrived with two huge bags of props. How she passed the Security Line at the Arboretum, I'll never know, but once again, I was not the least surprised. Even in less than balmy temps and more than ridiculous winds, Madison granted us not one, not two, but four costume changes! By far our most efficient and successful session to date, and now I'm left counting down the months until our One Year session in July. Which, I think, makes for the longest stretch on the blog without a Madison Sighting. Kristin, as always, outstanding work. So much fun. Special thanks to the The Chad for his outstanding help with holding reflectors and such. And a sweet hug to Miss Madison, who upon seeing me for the first time at the beginning of the session flashed me the biggest, toothy smile (and 9 months, she has six of them!), and upon leaving me gave me sweet hugs and kisses. Kristin, cease the blog stalking, and enjoy your sneak!

ashley & co.

A year ago this week I headed out to Richardson to photograph a woman who was entirely too beautiful to have just had a baby a week or two earlier, a husband who was entirely too calm after his beautiful wife just had a baby a few weeks prior, and a sweet baby boy who was clearly adored by his picture perfect parents. We were supposed to have shot this session a few weeks ago, but rain kept us from doing so. With the tulips in full bloom this past weekend, I'm glad we had to take a rain check. And while the wind definitely nipped at our noses (and ears, and legs and hands, and pretty much everything else), we still managed to get some sweet shots. Roman gets and extra gold star by his name, as the poor boy had just had tubes put in his ears a few days prior to the session! Of course I can't post this without mentioning Matt's Inspector Gadget coat. In between shots, Matt was snuggling with his little guy (and making sure that Ashely had packed snacks, water, etc.). But the real star of the session? The lovely Ashley, who was sporting a sassy little bob, after donating her hair to Locks of Love. An all around terrific trio, and it's been an honor working with them this past year. Enjoy your sneak, guys!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

bonnie & co.

Sweet little Lorna. I had the absolute privilege of meeting her and her equally sweet parents last fall during my mini-sessions. After our mini, I felt like 15 minutes was not nearly enough time with her. I was so thrilled then when, a few weeks later, Bonnie booked a spring session with me. We chose the absolutely gorgeous Versailles Park in posh HP, simply because the park has special meaning for Bonnie and Hamilton. It was on the grounds of this park where much of their courtship took place. They'd go for long walks there, or have picnics on the grass. They even had their engagement pictures taken here. So, with their blue-eyed tow-head in tow, it was a sentimental session, to say the least. Especially when Lorna arrived wearing a vintage, buttery yellow dress set that Bonnie once wore when she was her daughter's age (and I'm pretty sure I had the same set in pink!), a lovely cotton frock that Bonnie's mother brought back for her granddaughter on a recent trip to Ireland, and the piece de resistance: an antique dress that Lorna's great-great-grandmother wore when she was two. The dress was over 100 years old, with the daintiest lace collar. Despite the chilly winds that joined us that morning, Lorna was a champ when it came to changing outfits for us. And while she was very busy throwing leaves into the blue waters of the fountain, she did oblige us with a few sweet shots. Bonnie, thank you so much for the honor of working with you and your family once again. I loved the stories behind the park and the dresses. Enjoy your sneak!

kellly & co.

Miss Madeline. When stepped out of the car to greet me for Saturday's session, the temps were a little about 50, and the breeze was a little more than windy. And she was wearing her dance leotard and tutu. Oh, and of course, her ballet slippers. Kelly looked at me from across the car, with a grin I simply to refer to as The Mommy Smile. "It's a bribe," she explained. "She got to wear this on the way here, and then she wears what I want during pictures." Made perfect sense to me, and it seemed to suit the ballerina just fine. And while not much had changed with Madeline, I can't say the same for baby Henry. The last time I saw this sweet boy, he was only 5 days old! Now he's 6 month, cuter than ever, and can flash the gummiest grin at the drop of a hat. Oh, and the boy can roll. He and Madeline posed for some fantastic family shots, some sweet sib shots, and then it was time to pose on their own. And all the while, Gordon was Ever the Assistant for me. Poor guy: every time he went to take a sip of his coffee, I'd give him another job! On the topic of changes, Kelly was sporting this gorgeous dark hair that honest-to-goodness had me complimenting her at every turn (I'm hoping it didn't come across as creepy complimenting, but she did look amazing!). Apparently the Irish lass has embraced her true colors, and she could not have looked more lovely (is it getting creepy again? ...). Anyway, I always, always, always have so much fun with this family. Thanks, guys, for meeting me on Saturday. Enjoy your week and your sneak!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

jason & co.

This morning I had the hilarious privilege of photographing a young up-and-comer in the DFW theatre community: Mr. Jason Kennedy. For the record, Jason hails from little old Abilene (in fact, we're both Cooper Cougars . . . albeit, 12 years apart). He and my brother met in college while majoring in theatre. After graduating last year from ACU, he's since headed east to try his luck on stage. So far I'd say he's broken both legs. Repeatedly. Which I'm assuming is a good thing. I've not only seen Jason on stage several times, I've rocked out to Guitar Hero with him in my parent's living room (he's killah on lead guitar). He's smart, sinfully funny, and totally reminds me of a young Dustin Hoffman. His performances on stage are always riveting, and getting to hang with him for a few hours today was the highlight of my week. He was completely game for anything, and while the whole goal of the session was to get head shots for him to send out to agencies, I couldn't help but get a little artsy with this artsy guy. And if these photos leave you wanting more of Jason, you can see him perform live this weekend as Malcolm in Theatre 3's Bedroom Farce, or next month in Theatre Arlington's The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee (the show sounds fantastic!). Eventually Jason wants to head West. And I don't mean Abilene. The Hollywood sign is calling his name, and LA is his next destination. I just hope he doesn't forget the little people. Especially the one with the camera. Especially if he wins an Oscar. And finds himself with a few seconds left to mention her name. Before the music starts playing and cuts him off . . . After the shoot, we grabbed a quick bite to eat. And a quick mimosa. And I have to admit, I even felt a little Hollywood-ish hanging with the kid, sipping our mims. You can see more pics from the session on my facebook page (and while you're there, become a fan . . . honest to goodness, Jason was one of the first!). Jason, it was Too. Much. Fun. You rock the camera better than you rock the guitar (hero). Enjoy your last run with Farce this weekend (I am looking forward to watching you in the Spelling Bee), and enjoy your sneaky!

amy & co.

Amy and Andrew contacted me last summer to shoot their wedding. Right away I fell in love with this sweet couple. Over email. When I finally got around to meeting them this past February (we met on Valentine's Day to go over wedding plans . . . how romantic is that?!), I was head over heels. Amy is laid back. Personified. Which made my job so very easy. And so very fun. The wedding was simple, elegant, and Amy could not have been more beautiful. I know she is chomping at the bit to see this sneak, so I will go easy on the verbiage and give her some extra pictures (she deserves them, after all, for making my job a piece of cake!). But I must share this: Amy works for an oncologist, and just like I fell in love with her, so do many of the patients who meet her in the office. Among her guests were a few of her favorite ones . . . which just about melted my heart. Amy and Andrew, I can't say enough great things about you as individuals or as a couple. May happiness find you around every corner, and may you enjoy your sneak! Special thanks to my sister (and bride-to-be), Melissa, for coming in and playing my assistant!

Monday, March 15, 2010

lauren & co.

Abilene, Abilene. Prettiest girls you've ever seen. Ok. Fine. Maybe that's not how the song really goes, but I can tell you that we Abilene girls would prefer it did. And, in Lauren's case, the lyrics would be more than true. Many years ago, Lauren went to school with my youngest sister. And then years later in adulthood, she worked at the same company in Dallas with my other sister. It was at this company where Lauren met Reg. And the two started dating. And then got married on a beach in Mexico. During all this overlapping, I think I met Lauren once. For 4.8 seconds. Last year she tried to book a session with me, but our calendars never seemed to sync up. Finally, this past weekend, I got to hang with Lauren and her boys. I loved the urban chic take on the 'white shirt and blue jeans' Lauren chose for the session, and I truly loved interacting with little Rex. At almost two, he's walking a fine line between baby boy and little boy. One minute he was racing through the fields of gold, picking cotton and looking for Elmo. And the next minute he was sucking his thumb and snuggling with his mommy and daddy. Such a busy session, such a fun boy, and such a pretty mama. Little Rex was gearing up for a week with Emma (Lauren's mom) in Abilene, and it took everything I had not to jump in the car and be a stowaway! Lauren, it was so much fun working with you! Enjoy your "week off" and your sneak!

ticey & co.

Kennedy and Hudson. My first set of twins who will soon be turning one. One. I know I sound like a doddering old grandmother, but when did my babies grow up so fast? I still remember planning Ticey's maternity session (she didn't want anything hokey and only wanted simple), counting down the days until the babies entered the world. I've followed their first year of life through their mama's blog, FB updates and my own lens. I don't know why I get so sentimental over One Year sessions, but I do. And K and H's was no different. I can't believe they're one. Ticey is planning a western themed birthday party for the twins, and she found the adorable t's on Etsy. Aunt Court once again fashioned K's bow, and yesterday the twins put their best booted foot forward and tried to brave the chilly winds! And they did a really good job . . . which was rewarded by their own smash cakes. The kiddos tore into them like pros. At this point we had been outside for an hour, and poor Kennedy was literally shaking from the cold, but refused to stop eating her cake. She'd grab a handful, stuff it in her mouth, shake and shiver, and then do it all over again. I'm always amazed at how parents of twins do it. But Kennedy and Hudson's parents just make it seem so easy. Always calm, always smiling. Always so much fun. Ticey, thanks for letting me be a part of their first year. It's been such a special honor. Hope the shirts didn't get ruined, and enjoy your sneaky!