Monday, March 15, 2010

lauren & co.

Abilene, Abilene. Prettiest girls you've ever seen. Ok. Fine. Maybe that's not how the song really goes, but I can tell you that we Abilene girls would prefer it did. And, in Lauren's case, the lyrics would be more than true. Many years ago, Lauren went to school with my youngest sister. And then years later in adulthood, she worked at the same company in Dallas with my other sister. It was at this company where Lauren met Reg. And the two started dating. And then got married on a beach in Mexico. During all this overlapping, I think I met Lauren once. For 4.8 seconds. Last year she tried to book a session with me, but our calendars never seemed to sync up. Finally, this past weekend, I got to hang with Lauren and her boys. I loved the urban chic take on the 'white shirt and blue jeans' Lauren chose for the session, and I truly loved interacting with little Rex. At almost two, he's walking a fine line between baby boy and little boy. One minute he was racing through the fields of gold, picking cotton and looking for Elmo. And the next minute he was sucking his thumb and snuggling with his mommy and daddy. Such a busy session, such a fun boy, and such a pretty mama. Little Rex was gearing up for a week with Emma (Lauren's mom) in Abilene, and it took everything I had not to jump in the car and be a stowaway! Lauren, it was so much fun working with you! Enjoy your "week off" and your sneak!

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