Sunday, March 28, 2010

kellly & co.

Miss Madeline. When stepped out of the car to greet me for Saturday's session, the temps were a little about 50, and the breeze was a little more than windy. And she was wearing her dance leotard and tutu. Oh, and of course, her ballet slippers. Kelly looked at me from across the car, with a grin I simply to refer to as The Mommy Smile. "It's a bribe," she explained. "She got to wear this on the way here, and then she wears what I want during pictures." Made perfect sense to me, and it seemed to suit the ballerina just fine. And while not much had changed with Madeline, I can't say the same for baby Henry. The last time I saw this sweet boy, he was only 5 days old! Now he's 6 month, cuter than ever, and can flash the gummiest grin at the drop of a hat. Oh, and the boy can roll. He and Madeline posed for some fantastic family shots, some sweet sib shots, and then it was time to pose on their own. And all the while, Gordon was Ever the Assistant for me. Poor guy: every time he went to take a sip of his coffee, I'd give him another job! On the topic of changes, Kelly was sporting this gorgeous dark hair that honest-to-goodness had me complimenting her at every turn (I'm hoping it didn't come across as creepy complimenting, but she did look amazing!). Apparently the Irish lass has embraced her true colors, and she could not have looked more lovely (is it getting creepy again? ...). Anyway, I always, always, always have so much fun with this family. Thanks, guys, for meeting me on Saturday. Enjoy your week and your sneak!

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