Monday, March 15, 2010

rachael & co.

The lovely Rachael wanted pictures of her sweet Kennedy in the tulips this year. She also had the grand idea of getting a generational shot of Kennedy with her Grammy and Great-Grandmother. The two latter ladies are Gabe's mother and grandmother, respectively. And as close as they are to their handsome boy (who is Kennedy's haute daddy and used to be a child model!), they are even closer to their little Kennedy. Every Friday Great-Grandmother watches Kennedy, and as Rachael describes it, are very, very close. In fact, as she was describing the bond between the two, your humble little camera junkie began to cry. Shocker. And then Rachael did. But as she was telling me how close they were, I was watching the two interact. Great-grandmother was leaning over to point out a flower to Kennedy, and Kennedy was sweetly holding her hand, intently listening to everything she had to say. It was a picture perfect moment, to say the least. Kennedy was ever the charmer in the tulips, but at one point the cold winds got to be a bit too much. She was just about to call it quits when Daddy scooped her up and warmed her up (hence the "tear down the cheek" shot). Once she was warm and toasty, I took her around the corner while her entourage waited in the wings. It was then that Kennedy told me that her favorite food is macaroni and cheese. With the orange cheese sauce. Lots of orange cheese. This was my third time to work with Rachael & Co. I always have fun with them. I recently posted a "poor me, I'm moving and need boxes" post on Facebook. Rachael answered my plea and pulled out 20 boxes for me to use. How. Fabulous. Is. She? Rachael, thanks for the fun session in the wind! Give my best to the crew, and enjoy your sneak!

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  1. Great shots, Jenn! Love the pic of KK and Great Grandmother and the last one, what a little heart breaker!! So sweet :)