Monday, December 20, 2010

happy holidays

It's been an amazing year for haute shot.
Thanks to all of you.
Thanks for sharing your babies with me.
Your smiles. Your laughs.
As 2010 comes to a close, I look back on this year with so much pride, so much gratitude and so much love.
We're closing up the shop for the next two weeks, and we can't wait to see you all back in 2011.
And because we can't pen a post without posting a pic, here's a pic I took of my nephew last month. Baby Boy will make his debut in April, and I Can. Not. Wait.
My sister used this for her holiday card this year, and it pretty much made me want to Be with Child in November of 2011.
I digress.
Thanks again, guys, for an incredible 12 months. Truly.
See you next year ...

meredith & co.

Remember that girl in high school? The really pretty, really smart, really popular girl? The one who was in Student Council and Honors Everything? That was Meredith. And remember that other girl in high school? The one that ... wanted to be Meredith? That was me. I'm not kidding. My old high school yearbooks drowned in a flood at my parents' home years ago, but I'm pretty sure she was Miss CHS. For a few years running. I know we had AP Economics together, and I'm pretty sure AP Brit Lit our senior year. Key Club, perhaps? But that was pretty much where our high school fraternization ended. Until, 5 x 4 years later (sounds so much better than saying 20) when we ran into each on Facebook. She saw my pics, we exchanged some emails, and today I got to hang with Meredith and her beyond amazing family. Now a preacher's wife, Meredith is mommy to the beautiful (and wise beyond her 7 years) Louisa and adorable identical twins, Josh and Simon (3 1/2 years old). These kids were entirely too much fun. And the perfect way to end an amazing year of amazing sessions. If I wasn't chasing the boys around the grounds of their father's church, Louisa and I were bonding over the Sound of Music. And all three of them kept me laughing. The entire time. Especially when they were chasing me around the grounds of their father's church. And in 20 years, Meredith had not changed a bit. Still so pretty, still so smart, and with over 1000 friends on Facebook, still so very popular. Throw in her dynamite maternal skills, and guess what? I still want to be Meredith. Truly, though, it was so much fun. Meredith, thanks so much for letting me play with your crazy cuties. Hope your first Christmas in your new home is a merry one, and enjoy your sneak to the peek!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

monica & co.

She calls me JFab. And I'm not gonna lie: I love it. Over the last year, I've had the pleasure of hanging out with her for fun. But never with her fam. So when I had the opportunity to take family photos for Monica, I jumped at the chance. And it was So. Much. Fun. Aside from being drop dead gorgeous, the kids were such sweet hearts. Mr. Avery, at 10, can absolutely go to school and tell his 10 years old friends that a 30 something photographer has a crush on him. Because I do. Creeps, I know. But goodness, he's dreamy. And Miss Annie Grace? Pretty sure there's the phrase "super model" somewhere in her future job. And the sweet Elena. An absolute miracle child in every sense of the word, she was perfection in her new boots (that she couldn't wait to scuff whilst climbing a tree) and was the epitome of Pretty Girl Tomboy. Michael and Monica were laid back and hilarious, and the session could not have been a better one to close my DFW 2010 Calendar. Guys, thanks for the smiles, the laughs, and for sharing your lovelies with me. Happy Holidays, and enjoy the sneak!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

cash am. & co.

Hey ... Pssst ... So ... If you're ever looking to crash a Holiday Party to end all Holiday Parties, look no further than Cash America's. This was my second year to photograph the event, and it was So. Much. Fun. Seriously, I don't know too many people out there who can say that work felt like play to them. But it did to me. The room was amazing, the band was FABOOSH, the food was to die for (yes, they fed me), and there were so many people on the dance floor at one time that it was impossible not to dance a bit as I took pics. Don't judge. The band was FABOOSH. The evening was elegant, amazing, and entirely too much fun. Paige and Shayla were the brainchildren behind the event, which was artfully executed by Cristin over at the etc group in Arlington. Guests entered the cocktail room and were serenaded by a three piece jazz band, before being ushered in to the dinner room by a 10 foot nutcracker ringing the dinner bell. The dining room was bathed in deep plums, golds and blacks, and was absolutely gorgeous. The band, and I wish, wish, wish I could remember their name (dr. something) seriously put on a show like none other. In addition to me roaming the floor, there was another photographer taking Prom Style Pics in the lobby (thanks, Treavor), and the night ended with chocolate truffles dipped in peppermint and Starbucks hot chocolate and coffee. A night to remember, indeed. Thanks, Paige, for once again allowing me to document the evening (and for making sure I felt like a guest!). Enjoy your sneak!

kim & co.

Clearly I have been a very good girl, dear reader, for Santa came early to the studio this week. And left for me the most amazing little present by the name of Coen James. Six days old, and barely over 6 pounds, this little gumdrop was the epitome of newbie perfection. He slept the entire session until, literally, the last sequence ... when he decided it was time to wake up and see what all the commotion was about. And by doing so, Mommy and Daddy got some very sweet Bright Eyed Baby shots. And speaking of Mom and Dad, when Kristin (haute shot's resident fairy godmother who makes sure all new mommies and daddies get a newbie session with us) described them, she said they were the most laid back couple. Ever. And they were. Unbelievably so. And when Fairy Godmother described Coen? One word: perfection. Which, as you can see, was quite the understatement. When it was time for them to leave, my heart kind of broke a little ... honestly, I could have taken pictures of Coen all the day long. And, honestly, I'm pretty sure he would have let me! Guys, he is absolutely beautiful, beyond sweet, and the perfect present this holiday season! Congrats, and enjoy your little sneaky!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

tiffany & co.

It had been too long, entirely too long, since my lens last got to feast on Lincoln and Christian. But a few months ago their handsome father told their haute mama that they were overdue for a family photo (can you imagine, ladies, your hubs saying that to you?), so Ken and Barbie booked a session in Deep Ellum, and last weekend we had a reunion of sorts. The twins are 3 now, talking and Cuter. Than. Ever. Even when they were babies, it was so neat to see their distinct personalities. A couple years later, they are just as different as can be, but the bond they share is palpable. When we met at 3:30 for our afternoon session, it was freezing. Freezing. I didn't know how long the boys would last. But they were absolute troopers. As the temps continued to drop, and the arctic winds continued to rev up, the boys were A. Mazing. And beyond presh. Tiffany picked out outfits for them that looked like something out of Rolling Stone Tots, and they looked great against the funky, grungy setting that is Deep Ellum. Fahmi was so patient as we roamed the streets looking for fun spots (and both boys insisting that Daddy hold them was too cute for words). Tiff and Fahmi were off to the Cowboys game that night, and the boys were off to Vegas (the grandparents'), with the promise of earning new trains for sweet smiles. Tiffany, I hope they got them, because the rocked the camera. Thanks so much for coming out to see me. The boys were amazing, and it was So. Much. Fun. Happy Holidays, and enjoy your sneak!

tyler & co.

Tyler also tried to book a session with me last year. But, alas, the calendar was full and we never hooked up. But I'm so happy that she kept my name and number, because a year later I got to meet this incredible family. When Tyler hopped out of the car, she was wearing jeans and a hoodie and black Chuck Taylors. And then proceeded to tell me that she had her hair cut the day before and what a horrible idea that was ... And she could not have been more adorable. All of her. Loved it. And then Rob (who is such a sweet daddy to his little boy) scooped Che out of the back seat, and adorable took on a whole new meaning. Such. A. Cutie. Shy at first, he quickly warmed up to me, and the next hour was spent playing with mom and dad, shooting the cutest grins at me (he has the cutest little way of trying NOT to smile, which makes the funniest face, before breaking out in to the toothiest grin; trust me, it's adorb) and collecting sticks and finding ducks. Che will turn 2 on the 23rd of this month, and I'm pretty sure his parents scored the ultimate present when they welcomed him into the world two Christmases ago. Tyler, thank you so much for calling back, months later, to book this session. It was so much fun. I adore your boys. Happy holidays, happy birthday to Che Man, and enjoy your sneaky!

aly & co.

Last year Ms. Aly tried to book a session with me. An extended family session. But our calendars never really were in sync. Until this past weekend, when she and the whole gang met me for a fun filled session. Tutu and Papa, the matriarch and patriarch of the group, seemed to be so very happy watching their children and grandchildren laugh and play in the park. Sisters Aly and Emily (who both celebrated December birthdays within days of each other) were absolutely hilarious. As was Captain Morgan ... er, Chris (who recently proposed to Ms. Em!). And Derek just couldn't take the cold. I kid, I kid. Kind of (they were all sports as we shot in blustery winds). But the real stars from the session? Ava and Grace. Or Grace and Ava. The most adorable little twins, with the most amazing "poofs", who absolutely LOVED being chased by Aunt Emily and Tutu, or snuggling up to mama Aly. Though, truth be told, they loved earning Gummi Bears the most. Such a fun family. Such a great session. Aly, thanks for being so patient with the calendar. Happy Holidays, and enjoy your sneak!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

jolisa & co.

As I was preparing for my final session of the weekend, I spied out of the corner of my eye, two tiny little heads peering in the front door. Quiet as little mice, they were standing outside. Waiting. I opened the front door and two of the most adorable little boys cautiously looked up at me. And then smiled. I noticed the dimples right away. Their mama later pointed out that they have complimentary dimples. One on either side. The boys were soon followed by their parents and baby brother. Their adorable baby brother. The boys were so well behaved. Honestly. Henry at 6, and Alex at 4, were unbelievable big brothers to 4 day old Will. Henry, especially, wanted to snuggled and hold his baby brother. Going so far as to say, "Miss Jennifer, do you mind taking a picture of just me and Will?" Melt. My. Heart. And when Mr. Will needed a snack, Alex and Henry would play and pose for me in the studio. Their favorite smiles were the silly ones, which they seem to have practiced to perfection. And when it was Will's turn to pose by himself, the boys sat quietly and played puzzles. Or looked for my Elf on the Shelf. And pretty much made me want to keep them in my home and claim them as my own. Jolisa and Steve, you have done such an amazing job with your boys. All three of them. It was an absolute honor, and I can't thank you enough for being so flexible by coming out! I had so much fun, and enjoy the sneak!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

andrea & co.

Little man Jake. He recently came back to see me for his One Year session. Working with this beautiful boy is always so much fun, and this session was no exception. Truly an outdoorsman, Jake was in heaven amidst the golden leaves and tall trees. At one point, as he was crawling away from his laughing parents (who were throwing leaves all around him), I felt like I was shooting an ad for New England's fall tourist campaign! Everything about little Jake is perfections: his butter blonde hair, his creamy skin, those adorable cheeks and those piercing blue eyes. Honestly, I could Eat. Him. Up. Nevermind his drop dead gorgeous mama and his super sweet daddy (who, honest to goodness, sounds like George Strait. Crazy freaky). Jake's helpful and delightful grandparents rounded out his entourage that day, and it was so sweet to see them oooh and ahhh over their grandson! When it was all said and done, Andrea and I talked Camera for a bit, and then it was time to go. Which was too hard for this photographer, as I am clearly addicted to The Jake. Guys, thanks so much! Enjoy your sneak!