Thursday, December 2, 2010

beth & co.

I met Beth four year ago, at a bridal shower for one of my dearest friends (and her future sis-in-law). I immediately fell in love with her. No not with her gorgeous brown locks (to die for), or her beautiful, twinkling eyes (to die for). Or her dimples (put a fork in me; I'm done). No, I fell in love with her, dear reader, simply because she laughed at all of my jokes. All of them. And it wasn't a "I'm laughing just to make you feel better about yourself " laugh. It was this fabulous, real, heartfelt laugh. Contagious. And I got to see and hear it all again this week, when we took her son's one year portraits. If I told you her trick to get the best smiles out of Jake, you wouldn't believe me. But she coughs. Not a "Oh, dear, am I coming down with something?" kind of cough. But a full out, gasping for your last breath, clutching your throat and falling over (literally) on to the ground kind of laugh. Arms and legs flailing. And it ends with her laughing. She's Suzy Sunshine, and her baby boy is a fan. A huge one. Beth and her boys live in San Antonio, so the fact that she came to Dallas to have me take these pictures means alot. A whole lot. And when she initially emailed me about the session, she said that she wanted Fall. Because it reminds her of her son (who was born in the throes of it). And so Fall we did. At my favorite park that is Robert Frost like this time of year and was the perfect backdrop for her perfect boy. Jake loved the leaves, the water, the wagon ride in the morning light. But mostly, he loved his mama and his Nonna. Beth, it was so much fun. Thank you so much for sharing a very special boy with me on a very special morning. Hope the drive home was fantastic, and enjoy your sneaky!

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