Wednesday, December 15, 2010

tiffany & co.

It had been too long, entirely too long, since my lens last got to feast on Lincoln and Christian. But a few months ago their handsome father told their haute mama that they were overdue for a family photo (can you imagine, ladies, your hubs saying that to you?), so Ken and Barbie booked a session in Deep Ellum, and last weekend we had a reunion of sorts. The twins are 3 now, talking and Cuter. Than. Ever. Even when they were babies, it was so neat to see their distinct personalities. A couple years later, they are just as different as can be, but the bond they share is palpable. When we met at 3:30 for our afternoon session, it was freezing. Freezing. I didn't know how long the boys would last. But they were absolute troopers. As the temps continued to drop, and the arctic winds continued to rev up, the boys were A. Mazing. And beyond presh. Tiffany picked out outfits for them that looked like something out of Rolling Stone Tots, and they looked great against the funky, grungy setting that is Deep Ellum. Fahmi was so patient as we roamed the streets looking for fun spots (and both boys insisting that Daddy hold them was too cute for words). Tiff and Fahmi were off to the Cowboys game that night, and the boys were off to Vegas (the grandparents'), with the promise of earning new trains for sweet smiles. Tiffany, I hope they got them, because the rocked the camera. Thanks so much for coming out to see me. The boys were amazing, and it was So. Much. Fun. Happy Holidays, and enjoy your sneak!

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