Sunday, December 5, 2010

lindsey & co.

When my first session of the morning was ending, the Dad looked up and saw something over my shoulder. "Well look at this little princess," he said as I turned around to look. I had to giggle as I saw Miss Chloe Grace exiting her car and stepping out in to the park. "Aww, that's my next client," I told him. "And she is such a little princess." And, to be fair, I should have added Rock Star Two Year Old Supermodel to the title. I didn't realize that Chloe's session that morning was just for Chloe. While I was disappointed that I didn't get to work with her haute mama and daddy (although we did manage to snap a few candids), I was so thrilled to work with just Chlo. Two is such a fantastic age to photograph, and Chloe, as always, was ever the professional. She actually let me seat her and then cross her legs while she perched precariously on an old stump. And there she sat until I told her to move. As the winds started to pick up and her little cheeks became rosy, she let us change outfits, accessories and the like. She loved the leaves, the trees, the squirrels and the lions (the larger golden retrievers that randomly passed), and she absolutely loved the different sounds Corey, Linds and I would make to get a laugh. Lindsey, as always, fantastic job on the wardrobe. And to both of you, fantastic job on raising such a beautiful ... little princes/rock star two year old supermodel. Enjoy your sneaky!

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