Wednesday, December 15, 2010

tyler & co.

Tyler also tried to book a session with me last year. But, alas, the calendar was full and we never hooked up. But I'm so happy that she kept my name and number, because a year later I got to meet this incredible family. When Tyler hopped out of the car, she was wearing jeans and a hoodie and black Chuck Taylors. And then proceeded to tell me that she had her hair cut the day before and what a horrible idea that was ... And she could not have been more adorable. All of her. Loved it. And then Rob (who is such a sweet daddy to his little boy) scooped Che out of the back seat, and adorable took on a whole new meaning. Such. A. Cutie. Shy at first, he quickly warmed up to me, and the next hour was spent playing with mom and dad, shooting the cutest grins at me (he has the cutest little way of trying NOT to smile, which makes the funniest face, before breaking out in to the toothiest grin; trust me, it's adorb) and collecting sticks and finding ducks. Che will turn 2 on the 23rd of this month, and I'm pretty sure his parents scored the ultimate present when they welcomed him into the world two Christmases ago. Tyler, thank you so much for calling back, months later, to book this session. It was so much fun. I adore your boys. Happy holidays, happy birthday to Che Man, and enjoy your sneaky!

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