Sunday, January 31, 2010

meredith & co.

Little Miss Lilly Bean came out to see me for her 6 month photo session on Saturday (and like Cowen, it was her six month birthday!). At her newborn session, Meredith literally booked me through July, planning out the rest of the year for the child's first year of portraits. Poor Lilly Girl, she had received her six month shots the day before, and Meredith was pretty sure the baby was coming down with something . . . and yet, in spite of all the things going against her, Lilly still managed to give us some beautiful smiles and moments to capture. Meredith brought along the doll cradle and child's chair that she had as a little girl. Lilly wanted nothing to do with the chair (like her mama, I think she's a planner and knows that the chair will be a fantastic prop at her one year session), but she did agree to fall asleep in the cradle. Just long enough for us to get some beautiful sleeping shots. I honestly think Lilly is the only six month old who would fall asleep at a session and let me get to work (she did at the end of her three month session, as well. Love. It. Kristin and Meredith are besties (Kristen actually introduced me to Meredith & Co.), and the ladies were up the night before the session planning wardrobe changes, props, etc. They texted me a picture of the process, and I just had to share it. Special thanks to Troy for coming out with the ladies (even though he clearly did not want to be there). I'm thinking of installing a flat screen and kegger in the studio for all my dads who give up their weekend mornings to smile with their fams. I get to see this blue eyed baby girl in a few weeks for a play date session, and I can not wait. Thanks for coming out, guys, and enjoy your sneak!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

april & co.

My daughter calls him Cowey. My son calls him CoCo. I call him Perfection. The Happiest Baby in the Neighborhood (who happens to live across the street from me!) came over for his 6 month photo shoot. On his 6 month birthday, no less. April and I had been planning this session since he was 3 months. And, as clearly highlighted in these pics, it pays to plan. Cowen was all smiles, all giggles and such a trooper. At one point, during a fantastic game of peek-a-boo, he fell backwards and landed head first on the wood floors. A few tears and a quick snuggle with mama, and Mr. Professional was back to work. He rocked the angel wings, the boots, the overalls, and completely loved all my lovin' on him with kisses galore. Cowen's fabulous session is my first of what will be a whirlwind of a weekend with 6 month old babies, and this little guy totally has me looking forward to them. April, thanks for making such a beautiful boy, for sharing him with my camera, and for being such a faboosh BFF. You can see more from this session on haute shot's fan page on facebook (and be sure to join the club!) Enjoy your sneaky, April. And kisses to my Cowen (just in case he didn't get enough yesterday).

Saturday, January 23, 2010

missy & co.

Oh dear reader, what to do? Every time I begin to write words to accompany these pics, I have to figuratively rip the paper out of the carriage, crumple it up, and throw it into the growing mountain of paper balls overflowing from the trash can. No, not due to Writer's Block . . . quite the opposite, actually. More because the words I write are all fodder for a Rehearsal Dinner speech to be given in exactly 125 days. You see, dear reader, Missy is my lovely sister. And Chris is her handsome fiance. And we recently went out to take their engagement pictures. And I really have to stop there. Stories from the session will surely make it into the speech, and I'm already getting weepy thinking about the Day. So, for just this once, I'll spare all of my hautties my ramblings (too late) and just let the pictures speak for themselves. Guys, So. Much. Fun. Thanks for trusting me with the shots, and thanks for being such sports. Love you, Liss. And, Christopher, welcome to the family.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

andy & co.

24 eyes, 12 noses and 12 smiles here and there recently faced my lens. As well as the blustery winds and not so balmy temps at Prairie Creek Park. Andy and her extended family met me for a larger family portrait session. Her identical twin (and super adorable), bilingual daughters loved to snuggle with mama and explore with daddy. When Andy's parents arrived for part of the session, Andy's mom brought a bag of books, puppets, and snacks . . . I'm working up a contract now for the preschool teacher to come with me to all of my shoots! And then Andy's brother arrived with his lovely wife and FOUR little boys! One of the handsome tots is about to turn three, so we had to take a portrait of him and his long locks, before the family celebrates his upsherin (for those playing at home: "I'll take What are Jewish Customs for $800, Alex" This tradition marks the beginning of a boy's formal education, as well as his obligation to keep the commandments and perform good deeds-otherwise known as a mitzvot in Hebrew). The grown-ups were patient, the kids were cuties, and the session was done in less than an hour. Not sure how you say efficient in Hebrew, but this fun loving family certainly defined it! Thanks, Andy, for organizing the whole thing. Enjoy your sneaky!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

karen & co.

Look at these sweet little girls. Could you not just EAT them UP! Four month old twins, Eliana and Dalia, came by to see me this weekend. Along with mama Karen and daddy Rob (and a brief but sweet visit by Saba and Savta). Karen and Rob could not have been more patient, or any sweeter, as we worked with their little supermodels. And the girls were such troopers. They posed awake. Dressed. Undressed. And after a couple hours of posing awake, they fell asleep (together!) and stayed asleep long enough for us to get some beautiful dreamland shots in the blankies Savta knit for them. Karen and Rob brought along lots of wardrobe changes for the girls, but my favorite moment came when they put on their matching knit caps. As soon as Dalia saw Eliana in hers, she made the biggest belly laugh. And then Eliana did the same thing when she looked at Dalia. And they both just stared at each other, in absolute wonder, trying to figure out what the other was wearing. So cute, so sweet, and I see lots of other sweet Sister Moments in their future. Rob and Karen, congrats on your beautiful girls. It was an absolute pleasure meeting and working with you. Enjoy our sneaky!

brooke & co.

Meet Miss Caroline. 18 months and already a seasoned model. Fresh off a photo shoot for a local air conditioning company last week (she won their Baby of the Month contest), she was all smiles for me. With the blondest hair and the bluest eyes (along with the sweetest smile), I am confident she'll have a long and successful career! Her parents, Brooke and Andy, are clearly her biggest fans. And as little Caroline ran around the gardens, exploring this and that, Andy and Brooke ran right along with her. And while Brooke is more of a traditional girl, she did indulge me in one or two "artsy shots", which I truly appreciated. As I did this sweet family's very sweet bond. And Brooke's choice in wardrobe. I coveted the pink corduroy romper with the embellished C (would it look off I sported a similar J on some of my shirts?). At the end of the session, Brooke mentioned they were off to have lunch at her mother's. To celebrate her own birthday! Had I known, I would have certainly brought a smash cake for Brooke . . . maybe next year? Seriously, guys, I had so much fun with you. Thanks for a fantastic session, and enjoy your sneak!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

joelle & co.

For most of us, December means Christmas. Or Hanukkah. Or Kwanzaa. For Joelle and her Dad's side of the family, January means Hanumas. The one time of the year when her extended family gathers together at Cecy's to-die-for-house and celebrates a little bit 'o this, and a little bit 'o that. This was my second year to photograph the family's annual group picture. A few things struck me this year: I couldn't believe how much the children had grown in a year, I was amazed at what troopers everyone was (even the smallest of the small) in the frigid temps, and I couldn't believe we got all of our shots done in less than an hour! This year the group decided to play on their friendly rivalry, so the Horned Frogs in the group wore purple, while the Longhorns in the group chose brown and orange. Special thanks to the Man Behind the Photographer (my hubs) for coming out and helping me. And much thanks for the entire group for making the hour so fun. Seriously, are these kids not the cutest?!?!?! Hope it was a great one, guys. Enjoy your sneak!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

michelle & co.

Introducing Miss Campbell, a sweet little two week old with an equally sweet 18 month old brother. You might remember Kellan and his parents from a few months ago, when they were a family of 3.5 and counting down the days until baby girl's arrival. Well she's here, and just as sweet as can be. And just as she was while prego, Michelle was as calm as she could be. If Kellan wanted to pose with his snack cup, "It's fine. That's the reality of Kellan" she'd say. And Daddy Brady won major points by presenting his baby girl with the tiniest diamond ring. Apparently it's a tradition in his family that all the baby girls are given rings when they are born. I'm pretty confident it's clear who has whom wrapped around their finger . . . and a diamond ring wearing finger, at that! Michelle and Brady are creative, hands-on types, and they have totally decked out their baby girl's nursery. Like many of my clients, Michelle writes a fantastic family blog, and she allows me the privilege of checking in from time to time. The nursery is something out of a magazine spread, and it totally made me want to redo my daughter's room. And mine. And the living room . . . Guys, it was so much fun, such an honor, and she is just the sweetest! Congrats, and enjoy your sneaky!

Monday, January 4, 2010

ashley & co.

Little Miss Kendall Love. She's about to celebrate her first birthday. And I know I've said it before, but my goodness: when my babies turn one, it's so bittersweet. I took Kendall's first pictures when she was just a bump in Ash's belly. And over the last year I've watched this sweet little girl go from snuggling to crawling to almost walking. She is clearly adored by Rob and Ashley, and she's just such a sweet, sweet girl. When they arrived at the studio, she took one look at me and then leapt into my arms. Now, her mom and dad happen to be two of the friendliest/outgoing folks you're likely to meet so I'm sure she greets all people this way all the time; but I gotta say, it melted my heart. And for the next hour she posed, smiled, danced and, like a girl after my own heart, devoured her smash cake like a champ. Her birthday party theme is a winter wonderland, and if I know Ashley, it will be complete with snow, penguins and igloos. Ashley and I are trying to convince Rob to buy her an embroidery machine. And then I'll try to convince her to open an Etsy shop full of tutus (she made the one Kendall is wearing) and embroidered Everything exclusively for my hautties. Guys, as always, So. Much. Fun. She has constantly charmed me all year, and I look forward to another year of smiles, laughs and "no, no, no's!" Enjoy your sneaky (and the party!), and the happiest of birthdays to little Miss K.