Monday, January 5, 2009

joelle & co.

Ok, not to sound too creepy or stalkerish or whatever. But, when I was a single girl living in a small apartment in HP, I used to drive around the residential streets admiring all the gorgeous, gorgeous homes that made up the renowned neighborhood. I couldn't admire too long, however, because my emotions soon gave way to depression, as I realized they were not my homes. Nor would they ever be. But I always did wonder what the homes looked like on the inside, and what the families who lived in them were like. So, yesterday, when I rolled up to Cecy and Jon's beautiful home in the renowned neighborhood, my questions were finally answered. The home was, obviously, exceptionally lovely. As was the family who occupied it. Many of you may recognize Joelle and Rob from previous posts. Well, every year, Joelle and her side of the family gather at Cecy's home for a lovely family tradition, which always ends in the annual family photo. Usually Cecy (well versed in the art of photography) will stick her camera on a tripod and run to get in the picture at the last second. This year, however, they decided to hire some outside help: moi. I'm a big fan of Joelle and Rob's little family, and now I can say I'm one of Joelle's bigger family. Charley, Magdalena, Natalia and Daniel came in all the way from Denver (and 10 years prior, Magdalena came all the way in from Poland; her accent is to die for). Cecy, Jon, Jack and Lucy Goosey were perfect hosts (and, man, can Jack build some impressive lego sculptures!). Rob and Joelle were as fun as ever, and Bob and Franci played the doting grandparents so well (and Franci the doting daughter). And patriarch Joe was all smiles for the camera, all the time. Such a fun, fun family, and for so many people, we finished in record time (they are seasoned veterans, of course). Thanks so much for braving the cold, guys! Joelle and Rob, thanks for putting this all together. Jon and Cecy, thank you for letting your gorgeous home be the backdrop for this session. Charley and Magdalena, safe travels today! And thanks to everyone for their hospitality, patience and humor! Hannumas 2010!

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