Thursday, January 22, 2009

jeff & co.

This morning, two distinguished gentlemen in suits knocked on my door. And I'll freely admit it, I was nervous! Jeff and his boss, Dean, had come over and wanted me to take some professional headshots. Now, I've done headshots for actors before, but never for . . . . grown ups. You know, business people. In suits. Well, I had nothing to worry about, as it turns out. Jeff and Dean were so much fun! And while I'm used to working with kiddos, families, brides, and seniors, I have to say that my first experience with the business world was wonderfully easy. The two work for CCCI, by the way. Which, explained in its simplest form, involves IT staffing. For more information on their company, you can visit They have offices in Atlanta, Birmingham, Charlotte, Dallas, and Raleigh, so it was definitely a huge compliment that the two of them entrusted me with their "glamour shots." Thanks, guys, for a fun morning; next time I'll have the coffee brewing before you arrive!

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