Sunday, September 28, 2008

tracey & co.

This weekend ended with a non-Olan Mills session at the beautiful home of Tracey, Lamar and sweet baby Nolan. If ever there was a Gerber Baby incarnate, Nolan is it. Absolute perfection. Tracey, mind you, had almost every shot planned out ahead of time, with props and wardrobe changes within arm's reach (her "growth chart" is Nolan wearing Daddy's shirt and tie!). And Daddy Lamar (who hails from Ireland and was a pro at sharing his affections with both Nolan and Mr. Dog) could not have been more helpful in helping me make sure Nolan and Tracey were not posing. :) I could have spent all afternoon with this family, and I was seriously trying to figure out how I could drive off with both their killer foot bench and baby boy . . . I kid, I kid. But, seriously, if you spent a second with Nolan, you'd have fallen under his spell, too. Thank you, Tracey and Lamar, for inviting me in to your home, and please give a few wee kisses to your precious lad, from me, eh? And, for the record, I can't get that "Littlest Little" song out of my head!

victoria & co.

Victoria and Chris are planning to wed this May, and this morning they met me for an especially fun Engagement Session. If you ask them if it was love at first sight, Chris is quick to inform you that it was for Victoria. And if you ask Victoria how they met, she'll quickly inform you that it was through mutual friends; but some one, at one point, threw out a phone number and then later changed his - or her - mind and decided to call her - or him - back . . . The story of how they met is quite endearing, but not as much as the couple who tells it. While I was snapping away, they were discussing Sadie and how they needed to plan for her holiday card. And how their niece, Camille (and one of their three niece-flowergirls), had picked out a lovely pink ballgown (complete with a sequinced bodice) for Victoria to wear on her special day. This couple was all about family (even those members in Cincinatti), and I walked away feeling like a part of theirs. Too cheesey? Ask Chris about all my Smooch Poses . . . he was such a sport and fulfilled every single one. Thanks, guys, and my sincerest congrats to you. I wish you a lifetime of happiness!

brandy & co.

Ryan came by last night for his Senior Portraits, accompanied by his mother and brother, Eric (who celebrated his 18th birthday the day before; happy birthday, Eric!). Ryan was rocking the Prince Harry look and could not have been more adorable. Or a better sport. He posed. He vogued. And he and Eric picked up and moved my props without even being asked! Such gentlemen and a true tribute to their mama and how she rasied them! Poor Brandy (or was it poor Brandy's husband?) had washed her beautiful convertible for the shoot, and then I dragged her out to an old, dusty, dirt road. Did I mention the convertible was black? I so owe her a carwash, and I owe all three of them a huge THANK YOU for coming out and spending a few hours with me. I had so much fun, and I wish Ryan (and Eric) the greatest successes in the upcoming year. Ryan, I'll look for your soccer spread in Sports Illustrated; and, Eric, I'll look for your coverage in the same mag! Thanks again, guys, and enjoy your sneak peek!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

susan & co.

As the oldest of five children, I was looking forward to this morning's shoot the minute it was booked: a family photo shoot with four kids. Four. I couldn't wait to jump in and experience the wonderfully crazy moments that having a large family brings. And, my oh my, the fun we had! Tree climbing, duck chasing (or should I say running from the ducks), the Divine Miss Diva Claire's model posing, missing teeth counting, Family Pyramid making and more! I was absolutely amazed at how well behaved Abby, Parker, Grace and Claire were. So polite, so ridiculously cooperative, so well mannered and so eager to create unique and original poses! I honestly could have played with them all day. And if I didn't know better, I'd think that this family went on photo shoots every weekend: each and every one of them was so relaxed in front of the camera. Susan, thank you so much for letting me hang out with you guys. You and Kerry have done an excellent job raising your brood, and I fell in love with each and every one of them!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

sharon & co.

For her birthday this year, April and Justin decided to give Sharon a Family Photo Shoot (something she had been wanting to do for quite some time). I'll admit, I was a bit nervous with the idea of staging 8 adults (4 of them being of the male variety-and males don't really like to be staged . . . or photographed for that matter!). I'm pleased to report that my worries were needless: this dynamic family could not have been easier or more fun to work with! I'd like to point out that some of you may recognize the patriarch of the family from a '95 cover spread of D Magazine (he played a cigar smoking insurance man; who knew I'd be working with celebrities!). Anyway, they were awesome. And I couldn't be happier, for this year marks a special one for Sharon: she's enjoying her first taste of retirement, relishing playing Grandma to three adorable dogs (don't even get me started on the greatness of Wrigley or her wonderful parents!), and looking forward to her oldest son's upcoming nuptials. Thank, you April and Justin, for making tonight a reality, thank you to the Emerson clan for being so cooperative, and a special thank you to everyone who left work early to beat the fading sunlight! I wish Sharon the happiest of birthdays and a fantastic year ahead. Thanks, guys, and enjoy your sneak peek!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

lauren & co.

It is always such an honor to be asked to capture special moments in people's lives. It goes without saying that it's double the honor when I'm asked to come back. A few months ago or so, Lauren and Wayne invited me in to their home to document life pre-Caleb. This afternoon, I returned to capture their life now, with Caleb. I find it necessary to point out that during our maternity session a few months ago, Lauren was very maternal. Very aware. I can't even really put it into words. But I am certain, beyond any doubt, that it was that thoroughness and awareness that saved her baby boy's life, before he was ever born. And so today, not only was it an honor to be welcomed back a second time, it was beyond humbling to witness and document the beautiful bond that this little family shares. The last photo in this entry was the last one we took today, and I think it was the perfect way to end such a very special session; Caleb's expression sums the whole day up perfectly. Thank you both, so much, for allowing me to document this beautiful, sleepless time in your lives. Caleb was an absolute angel, and congratulations to all three of you!

diane & co.

This past May, I was fortunate enough to work with Diane and her very sweet family. Shortly after that shoot (I think, in fact, the very next day) Diane, ever the planner, scheduled Miss Haley's 3 year portraits for September. Around June-ish, Ever the Planner had informed me that she was purchasing a pink pettiskirt for the Birthday Girl's shoot. While I was already looking forward to the session before then, that tidbit had me dreaming about it! I just knew Haley would dazzle in the skirt, and I couldn't wait to see her twirl and dance in it. And believe me when I say: she did not disappoint! Obsessed with all things pink, Haley was fascinated by each and every flower she saw; was even caught, red handed, confiscating a few; and tried so hard (in vain) to find her friend, Squirrel . . . although it was the fish pond that seemed to be her favorite. I enjoyed the Girl Power Bonding, but I certainly missed Daddy Hank and Baby Jack! Diane, thank you for thinking of me, again, to capture this special milestone in Miss Sass' life, and happy birthday to a very special 3 year old girl!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

lindsey & co.

Chloe, Chloe, Chloe. Such a sweet, sweet baby girl. This beautiful child was asleep in her lovely mama's arms when I arrived at their home this afternoon. And the little angel slept for an hour. An hour. As we moved her this way. And that way. Asleep. An hour. Lindsey, by the by, is an interior designer, so I was looking forward to this shoot for many, many months. I just knew her home would be the perfect background to showcase her "divine design", and it was! Of course, I have to mention Doting Daddy. At one point, when Miss Chloe was awake, Corey leaned in for some Father/Daughter shots, and Chloe was mesmerized; just stared into his eyes as he talked to her. Did I mention she's two weeks? Such a sweet moment. Such a sweet girl. And such an honor to capture this beautiful time in their lives. I truly appreciated their being open to so many of my ideas, and I must mention that Lindsey, I think, is actually more of a Sentimental Sally than I am. She has dutifully blogged just about every second of Chloe's life since she made her debut two weeks ago (and actually a few months leading up to her debut). I've enjoyed watching Chloe grow, through her eyes, and I hope she and Corey treasure their princess through mine. Congrats, you guys!

ashley & co.

This morning's shoot could not have been more perfect. Ashley, Marc and their gorgeous boys arrived promptly at 9. On the dot. Jacob and Jonathan were perfectly patient as we took several different family poses. And they were All Boy as they chased ducks, ran down winding paths, and "climbed trees", yet they managed to keep their adorable outfits perfectly clean until the very end. Of course, every perfect shoot has a few Genius Parenting Tricks: "water break" and sneezes come to mind. I had so much fun with this family, and I seriously could not get enough of these boys! Look at those eyes; that precious hair cut on Jacob. Could either one BE any cuter? Ashley, loved the wardrobe choices, loved your family, and I truly enjoyed working with you guys. Thank you for letting me spend an hour with you this morning, and enjoy your sneak peek!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

kendra, kerri & co.

Leave it to 3 women to plan a photo shoot on the first game night of the Cowboys' season. Can someone say "fumble!". I can not begin to tell you how shocked my husband was that the other husbands would be present for our back to back photo shoots, and I can't tell you what MVP's Matt and Kevin were. Truly, beyond awesome about the whole thing. Of course, Kerri and Kendra looked fabulous-glam (and did such a good job coordinating outfits for everyone else!), and the kids were . . . well, the camera loved each and every one of them; but not as much as I did! Trenton, Macey, Cadence and Caroline, you can come pose for me anytime. Honestly, such cooperative little ones! Thank you to both families for joining me for a quick session, and special thanks to the husbands for being such SPORTS (and bless the good Lord above for Tivo!).